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Internet Marketing Video – Build Your Brand

Have you thought about creating an internet marketing video campaign to build your brand?

In my internet marketing experience, I have found that just by simply adding video to your internet marketing can increase your lead flow by 30%.  What’s even better is if you include a video with your content that you put on Facebook or your website to add additional power to building your brand.

Go even further with your internet marketing video efforts and rank your videos with specific keywords to get a boost in traffic.  We all know what more traffic means.  More Traffic = More Leads = Sales

Internet Marketing Video Advantages

If you are looking for an effective way to build your brand definitely consider video marketing.  It’s a great way to drive targeted traffic to your site.  Studies have shown that businesses / marketers get 30% more leads by using video.

Have you put off making an internet marketing video? Maybe you are afraid of how you sound on video or how you look.  Maybe it just takes you a long time since you can’t get the script perfect.  Understand the more REAL you are the more you will resonate with your viewers.

What about adding a video to your blog posts? Meaning write a blog post then add a video to that post.  Seriously, it’s powerful.  Now you are giving your readers / viewers an option to either read your content or watch your content. In the long run you will be building a massive brand and you will experience the benefits of more lead flow.

Check this out, Google gets the most traffic according to, then Facebook, then YouTube.  In fact 50% of all traffic on the internet goes to these three sites.

Imagine how different your business would be if your prospects did a YouTube or Google search for a particular keyword and found you on the first page?  Do you think that would change your lead flow for the better?  The great news is that this trend in video searches is increasing each month, which is just another reason why you should be doing internet marketing video.

It’s estimated that by 2013 video views will boost by 90 percent or more. Keep up with the momentum and leverage this fast growing trend and the results will be in your favor.

How to Promote an Internet Marketing Video For Maximum Results

A quick look at the number of videos shared on the internet will give you a clear picture of how lucrative of a business this can be. But take some time to also notice the amount of times these videos are viewed and shared and tweeted and re-tweeted and you may start getting excited. There’s big potential for you to use internet video marketing and the best time to get started is now.

Like we discussed earlier video marketing is getting bigger by the day.  Consider implementing videos today into your blog posts, on your Facebook Page, on your websites to maximize your exposure.  Need ideas? Just take a look at other videos in your niche and find ways to make your videos more desirable, appealing and even more unique. You will find that going the extra mile in your videos will result in more people resonating with your personality, pitch, opportunity, or value.

Beat your competition by using your keywords in the title, description and tags of each video you make.  Also don’t forget to put in a URL to your offer in the description of the video. Want to get even more powerful and guarantee you beat out your competition?  Then submit to all the social networking sites and use a service to create backlinks to your videos.

If you are doing internet marketing video to build your brand and spread your sphere of influence let me know in the comment section below and share your YouTube channel with us.


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