In today’s internet marketing post I want to discuss one of the most common objections we face as internet marketers, and that’s the “How much is this going to cost me?” objection.

internet marketingInternet Marketing 101: This is a business, and all businesses require investment, even the online one’s.

If you’re watching this video, chances are that you’ve been asked the question “Will this cost me more?” people want to know if they need to spend more money on advertising, auto-ship, software, etc. So before I answer this, there’s something I want you to think about.

What if you we’re a traditional business owner?

What kind of ongoing cost’s would you have?

Here are a few examples of what most traditional businesses have to pay on a CONSTANT basis.

  • Employee wages
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Business Software
  • Healthcare for employees
  • Office Rent/Location Rent
  • Business Supplies
  • Computer Hardware
  • Office Furniture
  • Break Room Supplies
  • & the list keeps going!

There are constant cost’s to do business ALWAYS, no matter whether it’s a traditional business, or an online business. When you’re doing online marketing, you need to get away from the “Lottery Ticket” mentality, realize that the more you invest into your business, the MORE you will get out of it!

Investing in yourself and your business has to be done consistently. investing

Having the RIGHT kind of online business, and the RIGHT kind of team, and SYSTEM in place to help you marketing yourself and your business online is CRUCIAL.

You see there are so many different aspects to online marketing that most newcomers tend to get stuck in the implementation phase of building their business online. This is why we created a PROVEN system, and why we’ve partnered with a PROVEN business model, and continue to get PROVEN results!

You see it’s not MAGIC, it’s about having the RIGHT tools, the RIGHT business, and the RIGHT people to work with, and that’s EXACTLY what we have created for you to succeed in online marketing.


So ask yourself WHEN do you want to start having success in your business? NOW or LATER?

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