So in today’s video Bill talks about why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others in internet marketing.

Internet Marketing 101:

So when you’re just getting online and starting to invest in learning internet marketing you come across leaders that are good at certain things. Some of them have even built their brands around what skill set their good at, whether it be Facebook marketing, Copywriting, SEO, etc. What is important that you realize is that as you develop your knowledge, and you take action, maybe buy some courses, pick a marketing strategy and start to see success, you develop into an X type of internet marketer. You can focus like I did in the beginning on mastering one strategy, from there once you’ve mastered one, you will find it easier to master another.

It’s important to do what successful people do, to mimic their success. Find someone that is having the results that you desire to have, and copy them. That’s also a good way to start seeing some results in internet marketing. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself, and your education because it pays off 10 fold in the end. Also, make sure to focus one ONE marketing strategy at a time. Don’t try and do 4 different things at once because it will be hard to optimize, track, and manage your results.

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