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Independence Energy Alliance

Independence Energy Alliance

If you stumbled upon this post you are most likely here because you are researching Independence Energy Alliance or you are already an affiliate of the company but looking for a way to expand your organization.  Either way, welcome and kuddos to you most people don’t even get this far as to do their research.  My goal here is to give you a third party review of the Independence Energy Alliance business and how you grow your organization to earn a healthy income.

So What is Independence Energy Alliance?

Independence Energy Alliance is an extension of Independence Energy. The company formed in 2007 by Richard Vague and Kevin Kleinschmidt.  The company is based out of Pennsylvania and both the owners have an extensive management background.  In fact in the 1990’s Richard Vague started First USA Bank which is the top credit card issuer in the US. Both these men then came together to form Juniper Bank which became one of the top 10 credit card companies in the US. After these companies the two men formed a company called Energy Plus to capitalize on the deregulated energy market and soon formed the company into a network marketing opportunity where they would rely on distributors to market the company which was formed into Independence Energy Alliance.

Independence Energy Alliance Product

The Independence Energy Alliance product is energy. There have been several companies just like Independence Energy Alliance that have jumped into the opportunity to promote energy in the deregulated markets. They offer affordable renewable energy for customers looking for alternatives to oil, coal and other natural resources. Independence Energy Alliance acts as the middle man and they buy the energy on the open market from renewable energy sources and provide to customers in areas where they can do business. The company believes in doing good for the environment.

Independence Energy Alliance Distributor

In order to become an Independence Energy Alliance distributor one must invest a one time fee of $369 and pay a $21.95 monthly fee.  This start up cost will get the distributor the necessary tools that the company feels is needed to start earning money.

A distributor can earn money by enrolling customers who will be using the product and money will be made off of that customer’s energy usage.  There are also accelerator bonuses for new enrollments, weekly leadership bonuses, monthly residual income, as well as other bonuses.

How Can You Succeed at Independence Energy Alliance?

In order to be successful with this company you will need to rely on more than just the company product and compensation plan.  Many distributors sign up with the illusion of making thousands of dollars immediately and once they realize that their warm market has ran out the business stops coming in and the income stops growing.

There are successful leaders but these leaders are the ones who know how to generate leads without chasing around their friends and family.  It is hard to succeed when your upline just tells you to make a list of your friends and family, then go out and pitch them on the opportunity and/or product. Again this may work at first but once that warm market runs out you are going to need a plan B.

If you want to build a large organization at Independence Energy Alliance you need to know what successful leaders using.  Top leaders have a proven system in place where they are generating several leads a day. They also have access to the latest cutting edge marketing strategies.  Now you might be thinking where can I find this system?

In the video below I explain how you too can be successful with Independence Energy Alliance.  This is the exact system we use to generate upwards of 40 leads a day everyday into our primary business.

If you want to receive a bootcamp free of charge feel free to click HERE to discover how to build your Independence Energy Alliance company today.

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