I Fired My Boss

Why I fired my boss

So I finally did it. It has been done. The thing that my wife and I have discussed for the last 6 months is now a reality. We first discussed this one night out on our back porch while drinking wine. At the time I thought it was a funny little pipe dream. You know, just something to placate my wife at that moment. But I didn’t think it would really happen. I was too nervous about our finances. I was worried that things wouldn’t go exactly as planned. I also was worried that we would lose the security of my full time corporate job which took care of among other things, our health benefits. How could we live without my company health benefits???

But today, finally, I fired my boss. And it felt good.

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually like my (now former) boss. He’s a good guy and he treated me fairly and I don’t want to start trashing him just to make a point. The reason why I fired my boss actually had very little to do with my boss. It has to do with freedom and opportunity.

I have been watching my wife for the last 12 months experience the trials and tribulations of the network marketing industry. I saw her first few months when she was “raking” in those $17.56 checks. I saw her experience the downside of her first mlm company she joined as she watched the so called leadership jump from one company to the next and expect all of their downline to blindly follow. I saw her wallow around for a little while and I wondered how long this little “project” or “hobby” was going to last until she sucked it up and found “a real job”. Of course I supported her throughout all of this because I saw her passion and desire to make it work . I remember thinking to myself “Man, she is going to find the right mentor and the right company and she will make this happen.”

And you know what, she did. The $17.56 checks started turning into $500.00 checks. Not long after that they started turning into $1000.00 checks. Another thing happened too. She found one mentor and one company that she dove into head first. She wasn’t floundering around hopping from one mlm to the next. Instead she had a focused, linear approach. Her efforts were streamlined, organized, and significant. Man were they significant. There were many Saturday mornings that I woke up, came out to the family room and she was on the couch working. We’d make eye contact and she’d say,

“Yeah umm… I couldn’t sleep so I got up at 4:00AM with this idea in my head and I’ve been out here ever since.”

My wife has shown me two things:

  1. Desire and will are the two most important qualities to succeed in this industry. I don’t care how good or bad a blog writer you are or how smooth you are on your videos. Desire and will are always going to trump talent. Let me say that again… desire and will are always going to trump talent.
  2. The opportunity is real. 10 months ago I thought this was all a pipe dream, a cute little fantasy that would never turn into reality. I have been proved wrong. I fired my boss today and I wasn’t nervous or scared when I did it. I felt great. I felt cleansed. I felt that I can now truly start on this journey that my wife embarked upon 12 months ago.

She is my Why. She is what inspires me daily.

She is the reason why I fired my boss.

My eyes have been opened up to an opportunity that 12 months ago I had no idea even existed. I have her to thank for that because this opportunity is real and tangible and can change your life forever. I fired my boss and now it’s my time to turn this opportunity into a reality for myself.

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