handle the money objection

How to Handle The Money Objection

This one is a tough objection that many marketers struggle with:  how to handle the money objection.  Don’t beat yourself up over it first off when you hear this objection and feel like you just got slapped with a big “NO”.  Instead listen to the video below I made on how to handle the money objection and let’s get you better prepared for when this objection comes up in your conversation with a prospect.

Here’s what I want you to know first, 9 times out of 10 when a prospect says they don’t have any money, it’s a lie.  Oooooo, I know that was harsh.  I am not trying to be harsh, just want to be real with you and help you understand that when your prospect says they don’t have any money they are really just simply saying something else.

So in the video below I am going to share with you what they are probably really saying to you and how you can overcome and handle the money objection.

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How to handle the money objection

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