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Generate Leads Online

How to Generate Leads Online in a Few Simple Steps

“Michelle, Really?  You can tell me in a few simple steps how to generate leads online?” Yes, I can so stick with me a moment.

I talk to people everyday who have been struggling to generate leads online for years.  I can tell you this from most of these conversations, I notice that most people really just overcomplicate the process and this doesn’t need to be the case for you.

Below are 3 simple steps to generate leads online:

Step 1: Decide what marketing method you want to use to generate leads online. Here are a few popular marketing strategies you might want to consider:

Once you have decided on ONE marketing method, it’s now time to master that method.  You have a few options here.  Test it out yourself and see what works or invest in one proven course that will cut the learning curve in half.  For example in my Facebook course, I save people valuable time that I easily wasted on trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t work with marketing on Facebook.
So, once you have decided on a method that you are going to use to generate leads online,  it’s now time to put your blinders on only focus on that one method.  Proven to work my friend, take a look at all the top leaders in our industry and notice they are branded to one marketing method.  For example:
  • Ray Higdon – blogging
  • Daegan Smith – Solo Ads
  • Us – Facebook Marketing
  • Rob Fore – Blogging
  • Mark Hoverson – Direct Response through paid advertising

Step 2: Now grab a squeeze page that you can leverage with a compelling offer that will entice visitors to want to exchange their name, email, and phone number for your irresistible offer.  Examples of squeeze pages that we use:

  • Facebook Marketing – Click HERE
  • Targeting struggling network marketers – Click HERE
Now you might be thinking to yourself, sure that sounds easy enough but I don’t know how to create a squeeze / capture page so I can start to generate leads online.  A few suggestions, since I was in that same position a few years ago:
  • Odesk – outsource
  • Optimize Press
  • Use a proven marketing system – We use MLSP which comes equipped with pages all done for you to promote
  • Fiverr – Check out fiverr where you can pay someone $5 bucks to design one for you
I can say with experience it’s much easier to just use a proven system equipped with all the tools you need to generate leads online. If you outsource to someone who can create a page, remember you will still need to come up with copy for that page, an irresistible offer, whether it be a report, a ebook, a video or webinar.  If you are creative, unlike me, then this might be an option for you.  I tend to lean towards the all done for you approach.

Step 3: Be consistent in your marketing efforts.  Consistency is key which includes, implementing everyday, testing, analyzing, and perfecting your method of choice.

Now where I see most people fail unknowingly is when they get easily distracted by leaders they are following who market in different ways to generate leads online.  My BIGGEST advice, if you will take it, is to pick one method and master it.  If you chose a marketing method that got Mr. or Ms. XYZ profitable, then you know it’s a method that will work.

Just find out if that particular type of method you choose fits within the time you can allow to your business and your budget.  If it does not then find a different method to use to generate leads online.

Now you might be thinking that your primary companies replicated site is a perfect squeeze / capture page to generate leads online with.  Big mistake…. The reason people join your business is because of you!

Generating leads online does not work when people go out and pitch their business, corporate website, compensation plan, team, etc.  In reality what one is doing is trying to convince people to join their business by pitching why their mlm is better than xyz mlm.  Sure this might work on your warm market, meaning family and friends but, to really excel in online marketing you need to realize people join you not your business.

This is why when I showed examples above of squeeze / capture pages we use to generate leads online they are not our primary company sites.  We attract people to us, who want to work with us, solely through those pages.

This method works and if you can stay consistent and focus 110% for 90 days straight every single day you to can start to generate leads online.

Remember not to over complicate.  Grab 1 capture page, choose 1 marketing method and master that method through consistent daily effort for 90 days straight to see results.

Building a business online takes time and there is no magic button as it may appear.  The first step is to generate your first lead and build from there till you reach success.  There is no failing unless you quit.


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