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Your Unprejudiced Herbalife Review

Throughout the internet you will find a ton of information on Herbalife reviews. Mostly these are written by upset ex-distributors who just didn’t get off their rear to make money.  Or you might find an Herbalife review that just trying to get you in the door in hopes that they can hire you into their Herbalife downline. Then there are those who write an Herbalife review by people who have a peculiar notion that the company owes them some sort of compensation.

Sadly, there is a huge failure rate in the MLM and internet marketing industry because they were promised an unrealistic dream of making a huge amount of money by joining their team.

If you take the time to examine any of these Herbalife reviews you will see that a lot of them are just full of complaints by people who were never in a position to achieve what they were promised.

It’s not unusual to see “band-it” signs those big yellow signs with black letters promising $1500 part-time.  Some even claim you can make up to $5500 full time.  Technically, yes that is true.  But…

There are experts who are successful in network marketing and can make that kind of money but what those signs fail to tell you is that kind of money comes from those distributors who have huge downlines.  What also comes with the success of those individuals who are successful is long hours working on their business.  What individuals really need to be doing is spending more time on learning more about what they are getting into and what exactly network marketing entails.

So, What is Behind Those Herbalife Reviews?

For over 30 years Herbalife has been in existence and all but 15% of the company’s $3.5 bill earnings is distributed amongst their top producers. What’s left over is distributed to the rest of the distributors among the company.  Let’s think about that this type of act can be applied to any business. For example take a look at the Real Estate industry, only the top 15% of all real estate agents make serious income.  All of the other 85% just get by.

The truth….only about 15% of distributors who get involved in any network marketing business are willing to actually put in the work to get a profitable business.

If you were to look at the income disclosures that Herbalife provides you will be shocked to see that the average yearly income of their distributors is around $300.  Though, this does not imply that Herbalife is a bad opportunity.

Each distributor that walks through the doors of Herbalife all have the same opportunity to make good money.  But, only 15% of those who walk through the door take that business seriously.

I want to challenge you to Google “hate Herbalife” and see how many stories from everyday people who invested their money in the Herbalife opportunity ended up with nothing, use the word “lie” quite often. These are not really a Herbalife review they are simply a testimonial to a handful of people who failed.  Many believe they were just mislead especially when it comes to the lack of income they made.

But who really lied? Was it Herbalife? Was it possibly their upline? Quite frankly it’s hard to know.  But, the truth is you must be responsible for your own success.  Keep in mind only about 15% are the ones earning money and you must focus on getting to that percentage without letting anything stop you.

Yes, many internet / network marketing companies can be built part-time. You don’t have to give up your job to get started.  Though, that doesn’t mean that the business will just build on it’s own.

Yes, it will take time to build your Herbalife business or any business to a level of producing a good amount of income. If you were to open up a taco cart on the streets of Austin, Tx it will still take time, money and effort before you start to see a profit.

The secret to being profitable in your business is YOU and your understanding of how to create sales.  You should also understand how to effectively promote. You will want to discover the strategies of how to generate leads for yourself and your downline.

Once you become successful in building a downline you will want to become leader and guide them to duplicate your efforts.

My advice don’t bother yourself with all those negative Herbalife reviews, in fact don’t even bother with the positive ones. The fact of the matter is that people who are successful with Herbalife are focusing on getting their business into profit. If the top 15% can do it then there is no reason why you can’t also just as long as you are willing to learn how to sell your opportunity effectively and market your business.

Are you going to be Herbalife’s next success story? It’s your decision to choose and we have the tools to help you get started.  If you want to learn how the top Herbalife leaders build their business successfully by generating upwards of 50 leads a day click HERE.

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