“When I get the money I will join, I promise Michelle!”  Pfft….sorry when I hear that I try and believe.  But the truth is only 1% if that really follow through.  I have been around long enough to know this is not the case.

Stop and ask yourself is it worth it to you to invest $420.00 to change your life? Most home based businesses have a $500 or less buy in.  Think about what you can have for a mere $500 dollars.

This is why the money objection just baffles me

I laugh now looking back, thinking all I had to do was invest $420.00 to live the lifestyle we are living now.  Wow!  Freedom to do what we want when we want wherever we want.  Travel the world whenever we want.  No boss to answer to…umm we are the boss.  No money worries and making more money than I ever even imagined possible.

So when you are presented with the money objection take the tips from this video and squash them!

How do you handle the money objection? Leave us a comment below.


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