Goals for 2012

Goals for 2012







Goals for 2012


Wow, 2011 flew by and it was my first full year as an Entrepreneur.  We have accomplished so much in 2011 and quite frankly crushed it beyond belief.

In this post I want to share with you what we have accomplished and what goals for 2012 we have planned.

But, first I want to give thanks to those mentors who have been a part of my success.  You know exactly who you are and I can’t put into words how grateful I am to have these mentors in my life.  They have helped me realize the person I am, the value I possess, and the leader I want to be.

Don’t think for one second that my mentors were easy on me or that I had any handouts.  I worked unbelievably hard for the success of 2011. I can honestly tell you my mentors did not babysit me or give me any handouts, they expected nothing less than perfection out of me.  That means no matter how many times I thought I did something GREAT, I was never praised but told…..”Michelle, here’s how to do even better.”  It’s all about putting down your guard, trusting in your mentors and modeling exactly what they do.

I also want to thank Bill (my husband) for believing in me and this crazy adventure I chose to embark on.  If it weren’t for his faith in me and support, I would not have accomplished the things we have in 2011.  Simply put we would not be where we are today, a dynamic husband and wife duo without his patience and support. I remember the night sitting on our back porch telling him to trust me by the end of 2011, you will be able to quit your job.  More on that shortly….

Bottom line as I reflect on 2011, I crushed it!  All of our goals were met plus a lot of surprises, we had not planned for.  I remember in the beginning of 2011, one of my biggest goals was to retire my husband by December, 2011.  Goal accomplished and much earlier than expected.  Bill was able to “fire his boss” in August of 2011.

Another goal I set was to speak at Live the Dream II, and if you didn’t already know….I made that happen!

I also set a goal to hit 20K a month by the end of 2011 and well, Bill & I crushed that number by November and went well over  by 15K. How awesome is this industry and how awesome is it to know that the income potential has no limits in our industry.

One personal goal I had was to finally become “FREE” of the financial dependence of one particular person in my life.  I can proudly say he can now take his money and put it where the sun don’t shine.  I can’t tell you how empowering this feels.

Which brings me to our goals for 2012!

  • Well, I won’t be asking to lose weight, since Bill and I are expecting in July – nix that goal…haha
  • Crush it in 2012 – Definition – an UNSTOPPABLE mindset!
  • Get on stage at NES III – Hellooooo Ferny and Ray
  • Create a continuity program
  • Venture out into a new project – basically more income streams…..details coming soon
  • Create a library of our own products
  • Double our 2011 income
  • Pick 2 mentors and focus on immersing myself in their training to perfect what I want to improve on in our business / mindset
  • Focus on a few members of my team and get them to the next level (duplication!!!)
I always like to shoot for the stars because if I only hit the moon, I still can say I crushed my goals for 2012!
I would love to hear your goals for 2012 in the comment section below and what you achieved in 2011.
Here’s to those who said I couldn’t do it and here’s to crushing our goals for 2012!!

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