Find One Thing To Focus On

I’m going to throw out a few names to you; David Ortiz, John McEnroe, and Eric Clapton. What do they all have in common? Well for starters, they are all famous. But beyond that, they are all in the very top tier of their chosen profession. They are the elite. Each of these individuals at some point in their life decided that they were going to apply all of their effort and attention and find one thing to focus on. In this case we have David Ortiz (Baseball), John McEnroe (Tennis) and Eric Clapton (Guitar). The reason for their success is because they have devoted their lives to mastering and perfecting their chosen profession. The same can be said for network marketing. I’ll explain that more in a bit.


Getting back to our famous professionals and their ability to find one thing to focus on. For example, you don’t see David Ortiz also on the professional bowling tour, dividing his time between the Red Sox and bowling tournaments on weekends. Nor would you see Eric Clapton working on the side as a radiologist. In order for these people to achieve the heights that they have, they had to make the decision that this is what I am going to do. I am going to find one thing to focus on and this will be what I dedicate myself to. In fact, if you look at any of your favorite athletes, actors, or musicians, it would be extremely difficult to find any that are performing at a high level in more than one job. They have all found one thing to focus on.


The key to success in Network Marketing is to take a similar approach; find one thing to focus on and master it.

Let me throw out a few more names; Mark Hoverson, Katie Freiling, and Daegan Smith. It is safe to say, in my opinion, that these three people have dedicated themselves to network marketing in a similar way that David Ortiz has dedicated himself to baseball or Eric Clapton has dedicated himself to music. At one point in each of their lives Mark, Katie, and Daegan said “I am going to solely focus on network marketing and that’s what I am going to do”. They each found one thing to focus on. Mark Hoverson is not a network marketer and a police officer. Katie Freiling is not a network marketer and an oncologist, and Daegan Smith is not a network marketer and an investigative journalist. They are all simply network marketers. Now of course they each have their own hobbies and interests that occupy their free time but their primary focus has been dedicated to network marketing. They have chosen one path and they have mastered it.



Find one thing to focus on and master it

In the same way that Yoda advised Luke, these individuals were able to put the blinders on and find one thing to focus on.

Even within their specific trade it is unlikely that Mssrs Ortiz, McEnroe and Clapton would branch out. Take for example Eric Clapton. If you know who Eric Clapton is you know that he is a famous guitar player. In fact, he is arguably one of the best guitar players ever. Yet within his chosen field (music), he is known only as a guitar player. Not a guitar player and drummer. Not a guitar player and pianist. No, he is simply known as one of the best guitar players ever.

The same can be said for David Ortiz. Yes, he is a baseball player, but he is famous for being a big time hitter. Not a hitter and a fielder, or a hitter and a 2nd baseman, short stop, and outfielder. He is in the top echelon of his field and gets paid millions of dollars because he does one thing extremely well; he hits baseballs.

The same parallel can be drawn to the aforementioned network marketers. Their specialties are; Katie Freiling (Personal Development), Daegan Smith (the king of never calling a lead) and Mark Hoverson (Direct Response).

These three individuals chose one thing that they liked and felt they were good at and they capitalized on that approach. For example, I know for a fact that Mark Hoverson is about as experienced with Facebook as my seventy four year old mother. It’s just not his thing. As a result, Mark Hoverson hasn’t and may never utilize Facebook as a marketing tool. Why would he? In similar fashion, Daegan Smith doesn’t have a blog. To be honest, I don’t know why. Perhaps he doesn’t like to write. Perhaps he thinks blogs won’t help his business. Either way it doesn’t really matter because Daegan Smith has found a very successful method of marketing himself without implementing blogs. That being the the case, why would Daegan spread himself thin by adding a blog to his existing repertoire of successful marketing methods? For Daegan to create a blog now may only serve to distract him and take him away from what has already made him successful.



You need to put on the horse blinders and find one thing to focus on.

In network marketing, the key to success is to take a similar approach and focus on one thing and master it. You don’t have to be Mark, Katie or Daegan to be successful. What you have to do is find one method of marketing, one way to brand yourself. If you like to blog, that’s great. If you’re into Facebook marketing, perfect! But don’t spread yourself too thin and distract yourself from your core method of marketing. You can’t be everything to everyone. There’s simply too many people and to many methods of marketing to make them all work.

So if you want to be successful in Network Marketing, find one thing to focus on and master it.

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