FHTM - Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing

FHTM – Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing

FHTM – Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing Review

FHTM – Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing has large range of products.  If you are here on this blog and looking for a third party biased review on this company then look no further.  Quite possible you are already a part of FHTM – Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing and you are looking for a way to build your organization without chasing around your friends and family.  Either way we are here to help you make an educated decision on what is right for you.

FHTM – Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing specializes in everything from weight loss products, satellite Tv’s, health and wellness products, long distance phone calls, cell phones, and much much more.  Unlike most marketing companies FHTM focuses on selling all in one.  This may be a great solution for those looking for a one stop shop but the companies model has raised some speculation.  Therefore when searching for answers to FHTM you definitely might run across those stating this company is a scam even from the inside.

FHTM Business

FTHM is a network marketing / MLM company.  An associate must enroll people in the organization or retail the products in order  to make an income. Anyone that is sponsored in a distributors organization is considered a downline.  Anyone seeking time freedom, financial freedom, or even less can join the company as an associate.  No college degree or specific characteristics are needed to join this organization.

FHTM unlike many network marketing companies was started as a 100% debt free company and has managed to stay that way since it’s inception.

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing created a business model that united Fortune 500 companies who offer various that offer products and services. These products are typically products that the population uses on a regular basis. By selling these products an independent distributor of FHTM can earn a long term residual income off of users who choose to use the FHTM products. Most of the population is already using cell phones, satellite TV, and internet service, therefore, FHTM views their model as a way to keep people using these services and in return offer a percentage back each month.

FHTM Marketing and Compensation Plan

Many MLM’s offer training but in most cases do not go beyond recruiting your warm market. FHTM offers a training program that allows associates to sell through the world wide web.  This gives an associate more ways of reaching people outside of their warm market.

The compensation plan of FHTM is a stair step breakaway program.  This means that when people in your organization perform as good as you, they break away leaving you with no option but to recruit more people.  Not good!

So, what do you do if you are already part of FHTM and you are determined to make this business work for you?  We suggest you follow what other successful FHTM leaders are doing and get involved in a proven system that will position you as a leader and help you generate laser targeted leads every single day into your business.  Without leads you don’t have a business. Click HERE to learn more about this proven system.

If you do decide to join the FHTM business and manage to enroll people, you are eligible for a 2 % commission for all the products that get sold through your network.

FHTM Training

While the organization focuses on internet marketing they fall short of branding you as the distributor.  The company teaches advertising but in reality people don’t join companies, they join people.  Therefore, in order to be successful in FHTM you must focus on branding yourself as an attractive associate that people flock to join.

How can you do this?  You can discover right now the secrets that top earners at FHTM are using to build their massive organizations by clicking on the FHTM system.

Even though FHTM has a substantial array of products for the distributors to sell the company lacks the quality in its training programs. Considerable opportunity exists for FHTM to update and improve their training program but in the meantime if you are serious about the FHTM company then it’s time for you to build a massive organization by utilizing the proven system that will offer you all the training, tools, and leadership you need to succeed at FHTM.

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