How to Get More Views On Your Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live Video Tips

Looking for Facebook Live Video Tips?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article I’ll share with you 6 simple Facebook Live Video Tips so you can…

  1. Triple your brand awareness
  2. Build a stronger than steel relationship with your audience
  3. Generate gobs of laser targeted leads
  4. Create a consistent and constant customer flow that will even impress your skeptical spouse

If you want to get more views on your Facebook Live videos then you can’t afford not to check out these 6 Facebook Live video tips.


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6 Facebook Live Video Tips…

Listen, if you aren’t using Facebook Live video in your marketing…

… you’re missing out on a big opportunity!

Facebook Live videos give you the ability to…

  • Increase exposure for your brand and business
  • Create a stronger and more personal relationship with your followers


As of writing this post, Facebook Live videos are getting more newsfeed time than any other type of Facebook status update.

Even more than standard uploaded videos.

Facebook Live videos don’t just occur once on your page and then disappear.

They’ll continue to stay on your page for your followers to view if they missed out on the Live session.

Now that  you know the potential of Facebook Live videos…

Here are 6 Facebook Live Video Tips to help you get more views to your videos.


1.) Announce To Your List Of Subscribers:

Send a quick broadcast to your email subscribers letting them know you are about to go Live on your Facebook page.

Be sure to peak their curiosity with a teaser.

You can do this by sharing what you’re going to discuss and how they’ll benefit.

Don’t forget to also give a link to your Fan Page so your subscribers can easily find your Facebook Live video.


2.) Engage Your Viewers:

After launching your Facebook Live video, ask your viewers to comment below where they’re from.

Also, keep your audience engaged throughout the Live session by encouraging comments.

One way to do this is to ask them questions about the topic you’re discussing.

You can also say things like…

“Does that make sense?”


“Are you getting this?”

Even getting to simply answer “yes” will help.

The more comments you can get the more likely your video will start to go more viral.


3.) Share Your Facebook Live Video:

In order to share your Facebook Live video, keep a computer by you while conducting your Facebook Live video session.

Then, use your computer to find your Live video on the page you’re broadcasting from.

Once you find that video be sure to share it!

You can share it on…

  • Facebook groups you moderate
  • Your personal page
  • Any Fan Pages that you own

The more you share your Facebook Live video the greater opportunity there is for people to see and hear you in action.

4.) Optimization The Facebook Live Video: 

Once you have completed your Facebook Live video it’s now time to optimize the video.

Go to your page where you broadcasted your Live session and click on “Videos” on the left hand side of your page.

Facebook live video tips

Once you click on “Videos” choose the Facebook live video that you just completed.

The video should open up like the image below.

From there click on the dropdown box arrow on the right side of the video.

Then click “Edit Post”.

Here’s where you can add more copy to the description of the video.

Facebook live video tips

First, add a title to your video using the keywords someone might type when they have questions pertaining to the topic you discussed in your Live video.

Using keywords in your title is very important from a search stand point.

Facebook will actually pick up on the keywords you used and will display your video when someone searches those keywords.

Additionally, provided that your Facebook Live video is on your Facebook Fan page the search engines will pick up on those keywords too.

Add in a description about your Live video that explains to your audience specifics on how your video will help them get results.

Finally, add some video tags in the video tags section.

In the example below, we were talking about how to build your business online using Facebook as well as a free training we are offering.

In this case, our tags would be Facebook, Facebook marketing, Facebook training, etc…


facebook live video tips


This entire process will help you get more viewers based upon the keywords you used and the copy you used in your title and descriptions.


5.) Boost Your Facebook Live Video: 

Finally, go to your insights panel of your Facebook Fan Page and then click on videos you have done during a specific time frame.

Here’s where you’ll find your recent Live video.

Click on that video and at the bottom right you can click to boost the video post.

A window will open up that provides options such as…

  • The audience you want to target
  • Budget
  • Duration of how long your boosted video ad will run


Facebook live video tips


A more advanced strategy would be to use your Facebook Ad Manager or a third party software program like Ad Espresso.

If you choose this strategy you will have many more options when it comes to targeting a specific audience such as…

  • Custom audiences
  • Ad placement
  • Demographics
  • And more

Finally, be sure to always monitor your Facebook Live video stats.

You can find your stats in the video section of your insights panel on your Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook live video tips


The video tab section above the video will let you know stats such as…

  • Peak live viewers
  • Minutes viewed
  • Unique viewers
  • Video views
  • 10-second views
  • Average % completion

Remember, a video must be watched for at least three seconds to be recorded as a view.

Finally, you can also click on the post tab above the video to see your reach, video views, and engagement (reactions, comments & shares).

You can also see your post clicks, link clicks, and negative feedback.


Facebook live video tips


Now don’t get too freaked out if you see people hiding your posts.

You can expect that as you reach more people, you’re chances of getting negative feedback will increase.

As long as you keep the negative feedback below 1% of your total reach you should be fine.

Also, knowing your statistics within the Insights panel will help you understand your audience.

Once you get a few Facebook Live videos under your belt you can start to see what your audience does and doesn’t like.

By digging into your analytics, you’ll get a better understanding of what’s working best with your marketing.

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One final tip…….


6.) Embed Your Facebook Live: 

If you have blog or a website you can embed your Facebook Live video on your site.

Simply grab the embed code from the Live video session and add it the corresponding blog post.

This strategy is great for adding more content to your site and also to get more viewers.


Facebook live video tips


Also, don’t forget to email your list the recording of your new blog post or completed live video session.


Facebook Live Video Tips: Final Thoughts

Now it’s your turn….

Are you using Facebook Live video in your marketing?  What are you doing to get more views on your Facebook Live video?

I’d love to hear! Be sure to share with your friends and leave me a comment in the comment section below.


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Facebook Live Video Tips


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