7 Ways to Use Facebook Live For Your Business

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a great way to have real time, engaging conversations with your fans, friends and/or followers on Facebook.

Back in 2015 the only way to access Facebook Live was if your Facebook Fan Page was verified and you went through the mentions app.  Now fast forward to 2016 Facebook Live is available to everyone and even available on personal Facebook profiles.

Before I dive into the 7 ways to use Facebook for your business, let me give you a brief tutorial on how to implement and use Facebook Live.

    1. Grab your smart phone
    2. If you have a verified Facebook Fan Page, then download the mentions app. If you don’t that’s okay, you can either broadcast on your Facebook personal profile or your Facebook Fan Page.
    3. If you have the mentions app click to open and begin your Facebook Live broadcastfacebook live


  1. If you don’t have the mentions app just open the Facebook app (download from app store on your phone) and click to create a status update as you normally would, either on your Facebook Fan Page or your Facebook personal profile, but this time click on the Facebook Live button.facebook live
  2. Once you have completed step 3 or 4 name your Facebook Live video broadcast something catchy and if you aren’t using the mentions app you can choose if you want to broadcast to the public, friends, family, custom audience, etc…. on your personal profile.
  3. Then click to go Live!  That’s it.

Once you have done a Facebook Live session you will quickly see the power of engagement and Facebook’s news feed preference to show your Live video in the news feed of your fans and/or followers.


Here Are 7 Ways To Use Facebook Live For Your Business:

1.) Show What’s Going On Behind The Scenes 

Use Facebook Live to take your audience behind the scenes of what goes on in your business or product demonstrations. This is your opportunity NOT to sell someone but to show your audience you are a REAL person behind the business. So be yourself and provide value.

Some examples might be a tour of your office environment, a look inside of your business showing some of the activities you do to keep your business running, etc…

2.) Q&A Sessions 

Use Facebook Live to perform weekly Q&A sessions focused on helping your audience achieve a desired result. I’ve seen this work best when Q&A sessions are done on a regular weekly, same day and same time basis. Again this isn’t about you selling to your audience but providing phenomenal value to build that know, like, trust factor.

3.) Repurpose Content 

Consider using Facebook Live to repurpose blog content that you have in written format. Heck maybe you have great content but you hate to blog, then use Facebook Live to get that content out to your audience.

4.) “How To” Sessions 

If you are in a business that shows a lot of how to demonstrations, then consider using Facebook Live. Maybe you are in the fitness niche? This would be a great opportunity to show some daily how to exercises you do or your clients do. Maybe you are in the cooking niche?  Consider doing a how to cooking session. How about coaching or training?  Teach a how to session on how to achieve step by step results that pertain to your marketing niche.

5.) Talk About Developing News 

Maybe you are in a marketing niche that is constantly evolving, such as Facebook marketing. This is a great opportunity to go Live and talk about the latest updates and news that Facebook has just released. You can create an engaging Live session by asking your audience to post their questions and thoughts on the recent updates which creates engagement through the participation of your audience.

6.) Broadcast live events 

Maybe you are attending a live event or you are speaking at a live event.  Either way you can use Facebook Live to broadcast that event or part of your speaking presentation to your audience.  If you are filming a live event, which may mean giving your audience a glimpse behind the scenes, be sure to also engage and talk to your audience to keep them wanting more.

7.) Host Interviews 

Use Facebook Live to interview your employees, clients or even other rockstars within your marketing niche. It doesn’t always have to be about you, but what it should be about is providing value to your audience and by interviewing someone who can add value to your marketing niche you will hit a home run with this tip.


Facebook Live: Final Thoughts

These are just a few examples of what you can do with Facebook Live and once you have finished your Facebook Live video the video will appear in the new feed of your fans and followers.  Your Facebook Live video will also remain on your Facebook Fan Page and/or profile depending on where you started the Facebook Live session from.

Don’t like the Facebook Live video…..you can just simply delete the video just like you would any other video on your page.

One really cool advantage to doing Facebook Live videos is Facebook gives these videos preference in the news feed, which means they are more likely to show up in the news feed of your fans and/or followers.


Facebook Live: Next Steps

I look forward to hearing about your success with Facebook Live and if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below.  As always if you got value be sure to share this with your business friends.


Questions? Comments?

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