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Easy Tracker Pro

What is Easy Tracker Pro and why do you need this program?

Easy Tracker Pro is an online solution to tracking all your everyday internet campaigns. The system is great for small business owners, internet marketers, and network marketers who want to get a handle on their campaign’s expenses, profits, clicks, and much more.

The Easy Tracker Pro system is an all in one tool to help you manage and track your marketing campaigns.  The reason why you should consider using this program is so that you can closely monitor & manage your marketing campaigns to achieve the best results through analysis. Having a tracking program will save you money in the long run by tracking your return-on-investment, cost-per-click, and much more. EasyTrackerPRO can help any user understand what is working for their business and what is not.

As an initial trial user and full time user I find that Easy Tracker Pro is much more user friendly than it’s competition, such as Hypertracker. In fact I am guilty of not tracking my campaigns in the past due to the difficulty until I found this simple online solution, Easy Tracker Pro.

This system was made by marketers who know exactly what marketers need for successful tracking results. There are step by step video instructions if needed but for someone who doesn’t like to read instructions I found that setting up the system was quite simple without even having to watch the tutorials.

How Does Easy Tracker Pro Work?

Easy Tracker Pro is quite simple as stated above. All you need to do is click a button to create a campaign, fill out the quick form and Easy Tracker pro gives you a tracking URL to use for your particular marketing method.

How Much is Easy Tracker Pro?

As of the date of this post the system has a 2 week FREE trial period and prices vary after the initial trial. Prices range from $19 a month for basic use up to advanced usage of $199 a month.

Easy Tracker Pro Features Include:

Tracking your campaigns from start to finish
  • Tracking your campaigns from start to finish
  • Generating unlimited campaigns and even subcampaigns
  • Using your own domain for campaign links
  • Easy to read graphs to analyze your campaigns
  • Organize campaigns by groups and/or tags
  • Campaign reports broken down by day, product, action, target URL, and much more
  • Ability to track your unique visitors, clicks, sales and actions
  • Easy to read Dashboard
  • Analyze your ROI, CPC, and CPS
  • Ability to split test
  • Email notifications
  • Step by step training
  • Affordability

Take a look at what Easy Tracker Pro can do for your business today by visiting the following link:

Easy Tracker Pro

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