What NOT To Do When Recruiting Direct Sales Team


While you’re trying to recruit your direct sales team, you might be tempted to use some methods that unscrupulous directors or team leaders suggest. But learning what NOT to do when recruiting direct sales reps will ensure you much greater success, and a much better night’s sleep, as well!

Direct Sales No No’s

Never lie to a prospective recruit

Be honest about your company’s performance, compensation plan, upfront costs as well as hidden costs, expectations, etc. Letting a recruit know in advance what to expect will save you both time and heartaches. This will also help prevent the nightmare of new recruits who leave the team because they find out the “truth” about the program after they sign up. Having an unhappy ex-recruit out there is a sure way to destroy your reputation and business.

Never exaggerate your compensation plan

While it’s okay to point out the best possible scenario, never inflate the numbers when talking about how much a consultant can make with your company. Exaggerations are lies. Lying or exaggerating your business rewards will quickly ruin your reputation with your team, and in your business circles. And like everyone else, team members talk, and they’ll quickly let others know they can’t believe what you say about the business… as they’re searching for another direct sales opportunity they can believe in!

Never maroon a new recruit

If you sign up a new recruit and then leave them to drift out to sea alone, you will quickly have an unhappy recruit, not to mention no return for your investment! Instead, offer training for your team members individually and as a group. Teach them to sell, and to recruit others. Help them build their businesses because doing so will build your business in the long run.

Never think money is the only motivation

Many people sign up with a direct sales business because they want to earn extra money.  But, there are others who will do so because they like the products, or they want something to do in their spare time. Others may only want to get the company discount. Keep this in mind as you’re recruiting. Each recruit has their own motivation and all are valuable to your team. And pushing a recruit in a direction that’s contrary to their own personal motivation will only result in resistance and eventual failure.

Never forget friends and family as possible recruits

You may think “she’ll never be interested,” but you may be surprised to learn that your sister, cousin, aunt, or best friend are really looking for a way to earn some extra money. For that matter, never assume the answer will be “no” with anyone! Even if it is, you’ve not risked anything by offering the opportunity. You don’t want to hear “Gee, I wish you would have told me how I could make extra money.” or “I would have joined you if you would have asked.” or “I didn’t know you could make money doing that.” Go ahead and offer the opportunity.

Recruiting new team members for your direct sales business can be fun and profitable.

But learn what not to do when recruiting direct sales reps so you don’t cause yourself undue stress, or waste your time with useless strategies that won’t work, and may even scare away new recruits.

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