develop a success mindset

Develop a Success Mindset

Develop A Success Mindset

To develop a success mindset you must become aware that you have the capability to change your thoughts? If you are currently thinking in a way that is not serving you well then you have full control to upgrade your thoughts to something more serving. Whatever it is that you believe right now remember it’s only a thought and you can easily change it.

Successful entrepreneurs who develop a success mindset are always open to self development.  Not only are they open they are also more aware of looking inside themselves to find ways to improve. All the self help books, seminars, DVDs, and coaching will not do you any good if you aren’t willing to be self aware. Stop for a moment and ask yourself right now what you are thinking? Are you aware and/or in tune to your daily thoughts? Are you analyzing the why of the things you do and do you question your motives? Awareness is key to your own self development.

 If you can answer yes to most of the questions above then you are truly ready for positive growth to develop a success mindset.

Let’s discuss The Tony Robins’ 4 Simple Steps that have enabled so many to develop a success mindset.

Ask yourself what area of your life would you like to improve? Once you define this be very specific. For example, you may be out of shape because you are overweight.  Maybe you have poor health you want to improve upon.

Now what habits have shaped your condition in your life you want to improve upon? Be real and honest with yourself here.  For example if you are out of shape, then ask why?  Is it because you eat the wrong foods?  You don’t exercise?

Now write down what you want as the new outcome to the situation you want to improve upon. Again, be very specific. For example, define with clarity why you want to get your body in shape or why you want to get healthy.  Is it so you can live a long prosperous life with you children? Or….maybe it’s because you want to be able to do outdoor activities that you are unable to currently do with your friends.

Write down the habits or rituals you will need to incorporate in your life to achieve what you want. Again be very specific and write down what you will need to do differently each day to achieve what it is you want. For example, you must eat right, no more processed foods, work out at the gym 1 hour a day 4 days a week.

I find that writing all this down in a journal is more effective than writing this on loose papers  that tend to get lost. This is a very important key if you want to develop a success mindset.

Keep this in mind as you move toward your vision whatever it is to develop a success mindset…  

“It is not what we get that makes us happy, but it is who we become and what we are able to give, because we have become more. That sense of contribution is what creates the deepest meaning.”  Tony Robbins

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