Dealing With Excuses

Dealing With Excuses

In today’s video/post I want to discuss how you can start today in dealing with excuses in your life.

First off, I get it. I know this industry can be hard, difficult, frustrating, tear provoking, overwhelming, and more.

I can relate and I have been there.  Quite frankly I still go through it just maybe on a different level than you or the next person.

This is all normal but the catch is how do you deal with these so called events?  Do you make excuses?  Now you may say, “Michelle, no I don’t really!  I have legitimate reasons for why I am not having success!”

Okay bare with me hear and watch the video below on dealing with excuses.  You just might find that you may really be subconsciously making excuses that you were not even aware of that are really hindering you from achieving your full potential.

Dealing With Excuses

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