Yep you heard me right! It’s a killer contest from Daegan Smith

Daegan Smith

Your Chance To Win $20,500+ In Prizes From Daegan Smith Starts Now!

I just got the email from Daegan Smith (see below) and I had to pass it along to you on my blog.

BTW: Daegan Smith is offering over $20,500 in prizes, a LOT of fun, and you can earn earn a lot of cash yourself by simply heading to the link below:

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Joining Daegan Smith in his partner program and carbon copying this blog as an email or repost as a blog post on your own blog you could easily spread the word and win this contest.

Last time Daegan Smith did something like this not only was it insanely fun, but it created over $75,000 in just 6 days.  Wowza!!!!

This time you have a chance to get some of that cash for yourself and that’s why I am letting my loyal readers know today what’s coming down the pipe.

I know I am in on this contest and it would be simply amazing to see you there too.

Head over here and sign up first, it costs you nothing but could make you a lot of money, trust me on this, I know first hand.

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Okay here is the email Daegan Smith sent me as you will see below.  Be sure to copy it for yourself and spread the word.

*****Message from Daegan Smith*****

Your Chance To Win $20,500+ In Prizes  Starts Now! (Contest Details Inside)

Read this message completely. Save and print it. You’ll need it this week. You’re in for the ride of your life.

In anticipation of opening the short window for enrollment into Maximum Leverage as an Annual Inner Circle
member at an insanely low 79% discount on August 15th I want to give you the chance to win two things:

1. Win a lifetime “Inner Circle” membership

2. Get your hands on over $20,500 in  cash value prizes

… How?

We’ll get to that in a second.

First, here’s the deal.

Over the past 3 years I’ve done nothing but share exactly what’s working in my business from the inside out and as a result we’ve created success story after success story and the reason for this is …

Maximum Leverage is based on one simple philosophy – Transparency.

Unlike other training environments online Maximum Leverage is 100% transparent.

What I know you know.

And when you can see the EXACT results a seven figure per year company can produce from the inside out you’ve got a far higher chance of duplicating those results yourself in your business.

And you know what?  It works.

Ask any Maximum Leverage Inner Circle family member and they’ll tell you that there’s nothing like it on earth.

That’s why we have so much loyalty, positive buzz, and so many more success stories compared to anything else online.

Day in and day I share what works, make the mistakes my student don’t have to,  jump on the land mines, and bring back  breakthrough after breakthrough shown with 100% full transparency …

In anticipation of the August 15th 79% Annual Discount enrollment window opening, I want to give you the chance to win a lifetime membership to Maximum Leverage and much more for simply sharing in the same light.

What do you have to do to win?

Simply create a YouTube video of your biggest breakthrough in the last year and share it with me, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

First …

What can you win?

Last year I flew our winner Jeff Hoffman out to my home in Maui Hawaii for a full one day consult which turned into two full days of fun in the sun. A $12,000 total value.

Here’s his video he submitted to win:

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Here’s a picture of Jeff and I hanging out on my Lanai in Wailea on Maui:

This year I’m doing even more for our winner.

First off, I’m flying you out here,second I’m paying for your Hotel, thirdyou’re being granted lifetime membership to the Maximum, and I’m handing you $500 cash as soon as we meet to go out on the  town here in DC and live it up.

Not a bad first place prize.  Worth well over $15,000 itself.

What about second place?

To be honest, I think many people are gonna gun for second place over the first spot, but we’ll see.

It will make for some fun.

The second place finisher will win a full email endorsement by me to my 220,000 person list to build your list.

Let’s say it like this, that’s going to turn into some serious cash money for the second place finisher.

Is all this getting you excited?  It should be.

My hearts pumping like crazy just thinking about the excitement to come.

Here’s a full breakdown of all of the prizes paid out to the top 10 participants:

Over $20,500+ In Prizes:

1. I’ll fly you in for a full day consult on me. ($10,000 value) +Lifetime Maximum Leverage Membership

2. I’ll send out an endorsed email to my list of 220,000 for you to build your list. ($8,000 value) + Lifetime Maximum Leverage Membership

3. $500 Cash + Lifetime Maximum Leverage Membership

4. $500 Cash + Annual Maximum Leverage Membership

5. $350 Cash + Annual Maximum Leverage Membership

6. $250 Cash + Annual Maximum Leverage Membership

7. $250 Cash + Annual Maximum Leverage Membership

8. $250 Cash + Annual Maximum Leverage Membership

9. $200 Cash + Annual Maximum Leverage Membership

10. $200 Cash + Annual Maximum Leverage Membership

Think about it …

For a short 3 to 5 minute video where you share your biggest breakthrough of the year at the very least you’ll get $200 just for placing 10th AND you’re getting a year free in Maximum Leverage which is worth $2,364 itself.

Not bad for 3 to 5 minutes of effort, but …

It get’s even better because here’s what’s about to happen.

Last year we had over 50 people submit video breakthroughs and think about  that …

That’s a LOT of instantly usable marketing knowledge to make your business better for 100% free.

By sharing one breakthrough yourself we all grow stronger as marketers and that’s really what this is all about.

You share one breakthrough and in return, if this plays out at least like last year, you’ll get paid in return 49X
in knowledge value …


I’ve got one more huge surprise that’s going to get you pretty excited.

Each and every person who submits a video is going to get ME sending YOU traffic directly to your website.

There’s no better quality traffic and all you have to do to get access to it is play all out and submit a video with your biggest breakthrough.

Here’s how to play to get me to send you traffic:

1. Shoot a video of your biggest breakthrough (no longer than 5 minutes max)

2. Submit that video to YouTube.

HINT: You’ll probably want to join our partner program here and add your Maximum Leverage partner link to your description for some passive commissions.

You can join the partner program free here:

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3. Imbed your YouTube video your blog like this:

===>Click HERE<===

(Include a link back to Maximum Leverage through your partner link for commissions like in the example above)

4. Post that video to my Facebook page here:

===>Click HERE<===

That’s it.

Within 48 hours of me getting your video blog post link I’ll send it out to everyone to check out and you’ll get
traffic directly back to your site for free from me and probably some commissions with it.

How We Choose A Winner:

The way that we’re going to choose a winner is the MOST fun part of the entire process over the next week.

The window for your video submission ends at midnight on August 11.

On August 12th I’ll send you the top 10 videos and then you’ll have until midnight on the 13th to vote for your favorite video “American Idol Style”

The winner is our collective choice not mine and everyone gets to have fun and cast their vote for their favorite.

On the 14th I’ll announce all of our winners and then on the 15th the window to enroll in Maximum Leverage at an insane 79% discount opens.

You’re in for one heck of a ride.

Get your videos in to me soon and you could have me sending you traffic as early as tomorrow.

I’ll keep you updated, and as you know …

This is just the beginning I’ve got WAY more surprises planned for you that you’ll love.

To the top,

Daegan Smith

P.S. The one question I know you might have right now is …

“Do I have to be a member of Maximum Leverage to participate?”


Just share your biggest business breakthrough of the year transparently.

Have fun with it and you’re in the game.

I’m looking for high value and massive fun for the top 10, so surprise me and you could win at the most package worth $15,000 or at the very least $200 for 5 minutes of your time.

Go all out – share Maximum Leverage style!

===>Click HERE<===

That’s the email I received from Daegan Smith this morning.  My wheels are already spinning because when it comes to Daegan i am all in.  I have been under Daegan Smith and his mentorship for over 3 months now and I can truly say from my heart that he truly overdelivers from his heart.  He is a people person and once you are in his inner circle he holds nothing back.  If he tests a strategy he will share his method and results immediately.  Daegan Smith is a diamond in the rough and if you aren’t follow his marketing strategies you are truly missing out.

So many people ask me who my mentors are and how did I get to 6 figures in 6 months.  Well here is your answer, Mark Hoverson and Daegan Smith.  Both equally split for various reason and strategies.  I love them both and owe much of my success to the both of them.

So the questions to you now is are you ready?  Are you ready to listen to someone like me who always shoots straight and goes over the top to help you succeed, like no other in this industry?  Or, are you going to be skeptical and pass this up?  I challenge you today, to let myself and Daegan Smith show the way to success.

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