In today’s video I share with you not R.O.I. but rather C.O.I. the Cost of Inactivity in your business.

Cost of Inactivity:

Most people suffer to some degree the fear or discomfort of taking action in their business. There is a certain “cost” of pain that accompanies these certain activities.

For example, shooting a video you may feel the “cost” of not looking or sounding as good in front of the camera as you thought.

Or perhaps there’s the “cost” of the discomfort of calling leads or prospects and the fear that you will “mess up” the call or not be as good as you had hoped.

But the Cost of Inactivity is a far greater cost. The Cost of Inactivity is what will prevent you from achieving your goals and your dreams.

Think about why you got into your business to begin with. What were the long term goals and dreams you were hoping to achieve?

Quit your job? Spend more time with your family? Go on more vacations with your family? Enable your spouse to quite his/her job so you could spend more time with them???

Well for each time you let the twinge of pain prevent you from conducting one of your business building or profit producing activities you are increasing your C.O.I.

Your Cost of Inactivity is what will cripple or paralyze your ability to attain your goals and dreams.

So the next time you’re about to do a business building or profit producing activity and your subconscious tells you not to, I want you to think about the C.O.I. the Cost of Inactivity and how that cost is preventing you from achieving what you started your business to achieve.

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