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Control Your Thoughts

Control Your Thoughts & Control Your Life

Do you ever stop and notice what it is you are thinking? Once you can do this you will become aware of your thoughts and now have the ability to control your thoughts.  Plus, you will be able to separate your thoughts from your thinking.  The beauty of our mind is that we have control over our thoughts. But, most of us live on thinking on autopilot about one random thought to another. Sometimes we will hear something that triggers our thoughts or maybe smell something that sends our thoughts on overdrive.  Then all of a sudden you are emotionally attached to your thoughts and you will no longer be able to control your thoughts effectively.

Random thoughts that are held less than 16 seconds proceed into another similar thought, thus creating a long string of thoughts. This long stream creates what we call a vibration throughout our body and before you realize it you are now heading down an emotional journey. Chances are this journey was not a journey you had intended on taking but you did create that journey just not intentionally.

Creating thoughts unintentionally can be a journey that takes us down a road we may not be prepared for. Most are simply unaware of the power our thoughts. What you think is what you attract in life and many times they are the exact things we don’t want to attract in life.

Quite possibly you may initially be thinking that you don’t have enough and then another thought joins that thought on how are you every going to make it.  Then from there, another thought joins, quite possibly saying that you will never have enough and from there you start to realize that you are just tired of struggling which results in ending in the next thought that you just can’t win.  Before you realize it you have just activated the energy within you that makes you feel like you are at a loss and now the manifestation process of getting more of what you don’t want takes place because you are not in control of your thoughts.

Your life will prove your thoughts right at every moment and it will become more evident that you are struggling and that you don’t have enough. The more evidence that your mind gives you the more you will continue to have these negative thoughts. Negative thoughts ultimately become a vicious cycle that become more difficult to break.

So what can you do to change and control your thoughts?  The answer is quite simple, but sometimes we as humans want to just complicate, study, over analyze, and read books on how to control your thoughts. In fact I have known many to spend thousands on seminars to gain control.

Control Your Thoughts Simple Solution:

1. Become an observer of your thoughts.
2. Be thinking forward in that observance of your thought and not be a result of that thought.
3. Continue to repeat this process with every thought.

Don’t become a victim of your thoughts but stay in control and take yourself inside your mind to a place where you want to be in life. While that seems simple in writing this, I realize it can be difficult but with practice you can gain control.  So when you begin to have thoughts start becoming aware and guide your thoughts to produce positive energy within your life so the manifestation process turns out to attract the positive energy in your life.

Read how to control your thoughts a few more times, my friends if needed, but my goal here is to let you know that positive energy and positive thoughts will bring positive results in your life.

If you want more information on how to control your thoughts and become more positive in your life feel free to reach out to Bill and I, 214.662.2841.

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