In today’s video I want to talk about Facebook advertising but more specifically Facebook retargeting.

Facebook Advertising:

This webinar is going to be CRUCIAL for those of you who advertise on Facebook. Facebook retargeting is great as it allows you to serve ads to those individuals that did not purchase from you or become a lead. We are just a FEW days away from this LIVE webinar so make sure you get registered as soon as possible!

So what is Facebook Retargeting?

Basically you create a WCA better known as Website Custom Audience profile from your website visitors. You can then segment this information in different ways based on how you want to serve Facebook retargeting ads to them. You’re able to tailor your message in different ways such as including or excluding different audiences based on different factors. Over time you can build a pretty large audience profile and serve Facebook retargeting ads to them.

Scenario #1: those who convert:

As this visitor browses your site, they love what they see and instantly become interested in purchasing, signing up or completing a form. This visitor is part of the 2% of your web traffic that will, on average, convert when on your site.

This visitor is now a customer and will go into your customer retention funnel. They will not be part of your retargeting efforts.

Scenario #2: those who bounce:

As this visitor is browsing your site, they look at a few pages and then “bounce” or leave your website without purchasing, signing up or completing a form.

This can be for any number of reasons. Perhaps they received a phone call, were distracted by the kids, wanted to read reviews or perform price comparisons, etc. In any event, they leave your website and don’t return.

This visitor is part of the 98% of your traffic, on average, that will leave your website without completing an action.

This visitor is still interested in the products or services you offer, but just wasn’t ready to pull the trigger. These are the people you want to retarget in your ads. 

On July 22nd at 9PM EST we will be going in to much more detail on how to create retargeting ads.

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