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I have a question for you: who are you taking advice from when it comes to learning how to make money online?

Let me ask you this: If you wanted to learn how to play golf, who would you choose to get advice or learn from? A basketball player or a golf player? Hopefully you answered golf player, because the golf player has experience and hopefully you chose a golf player with proven results.

So why is it that I see so many people flocking to learn from people who have not even gotten results to prove they are worthy of teaching or coaching?

This would be like me selling you on my Facebook product, yet I had not gotten any results myself. That wouldn’t be cool, right?

Don’t worry for those of you who have bought any of my Facebook products, I have solid proof to back I know what I am doing. In fact let me share with you our most recent results.  Here is an image of our commissions for the past 30 days of a business model that we have been promoting called MOBE. <–Click to see what the heck I am talking about here, if you wish.

MOBENote: Commissions of $73,489.39 were all from Facebook Marketing for the past 30 days.  Yes we have fans, yes we have a list that we built from Facebook and yes we are doing paid Facebook advertising.  Are results typical?  Maybe if you are willing to do what we have done.

Now my question to you is, who do you want to learn from?  Someone who has not gotten results from Facebook or from someone who has?

Here’s why I am sharing this with you. When I first started out online I got one thing right. I did not go out seeking advice from the people that were not actually getting results. I wanted to learn how to make money online.  So, if I wanted to learn how to build a solid sales funnel, I went out and found the person who could and has been doing it plus was earning a profit successfully. When I wanted to speak on stage, I went out and found the trainer who was experienced in getting people on stage and were getting results from clients with their training.

Are you following me here?

So I ask you again, who are you taking advice from when it comes to learning how to make money online?

I share all this with you because it’s really food for thought for you and I want you to take this seriously. Stop going out and finding people to learn from that are not getting results in their own business.  Stop buying products from people that don’t actually use the products.  I NEVER sell a product to my following unless we use it in our own business and we are actually getting RESULTS too.

Here’s another great example of a program we have been a part of for almost 4 years and if you have been following us for sometime you know it’s a huge part of our business.

We started in September of 2010 in MLSP and have earned over a half a million dollars just within the MLSP system. This does not include our business opportunities or other affiliate offer income streams.   We are also he all time leader in leads for MLSP.  This my friends, is once again, all from Facebook Marketing.  Heck, it’s where I got my start. I had no list, no following, no fans, no money, no fan page, nothing and look where we are now, almost pulling in a 100K a month and no doubt we will of hit that milestone very soon.

MLSP <—Click to learn more on how we leveraged MLSP to discover how to make money online.


MLSP Leads


Make money online: Now with that said, my biggest advice to you is not to get you to join us, but to show you that it is important for your online business that if you are going to be successful and want to make money online you NEED to be learning from people who have already had success.  Learn from them and do what they do.  Simple as that.

It can be a very hard lesson to learn.  I have seen many people lose a ton of money online because they go out and buy from affiliates that promote programs that they have never used or even had success with.  They join opportunities with people who have not even had success themselves.

Here’s what I did early on.  I got online in September of 2010, found myself a successful mentor, joined his program, and plugged into everyone of his training’s.  I asked for advice, I lost the ego and opened myself up to criticism.  He pushed me beyond limits I didn’t think I was even capable of .  It was tough love and many times I cried and wanted to throw in the towel.  I refused because I had a why that was bigger than any excuse I could make.  We are where we are today because, I listened to him and made a commitment to myself to follow the people who have had proven success.

I hope this post helped you in someway.  If it did, leave me a comment below and I wish you nothing but the best in your journey to learning how to make money online.

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