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Can You Be Successful in Building More Than One MLM Business?

Wondering if you can build more than one MLM Business at one time and be successful?

Well maybe if you have already built a massive organization in an MLM business that now runs on autopilot and you are already reaping the rewards of residual income on autopilot.

If that’s you then congratulations!  Yes you probably can be successful in building more than one MLM business.

But if you are like Mr. X who has jumped from one MLM business to another every 6 months then you might want to read on.

Yes it probably happens to many of you.  You get an email every other day pitching you on Mr. X’s newest opportunity.  My response to those emails is that we are laser focused on our current MLM business and focused on building our team, creating duplication through our mentoring. Most likely Mr. X who just pitched you on the “latest and greatest”  has only been in his current MLM business for about 5 months and now has added MLM business to his portfolio.

Oh but wait….question Mr. X as to what he is doing with his other MLM businesses and I bet he tells you, “Oh I am still focused on those too.”

3 Problems When It Comes to Promoting More Than One MLM Business

Problem #1 – If you are not profitable in your current MLM business or you have not sponsored anyone yet then ask yourself how this new MLM business is going to be any different?  Many fool themselves into thinking it’s the company that’s going to get them rich.  When in reality it’s YOU.  You are the deciding factor as to whether you are going to be successful or not.

Here’s why. In order to be successful in an MLM business you must be able to focus 100% on that business and give it 100% of your time, energy and efforts. Giving 20% to one business, 60% to another, and 20% to the other won’t get you the results you are searching for.

My advice comes from a well respected gentleman in our industry, Todd Falcone, who told me when I first started out, “It doesn’t matter what company you pick as long as you pick a good mentor to show you the way and you give it 100% for three years straight you will come out with a nice residual income to last you for a lifetime.”

You see when you spread your time, energy, and budget among too many projects your results will reflect that.  Don’t believe me?  Try to spread yourself among many projects and let me know how that works out for you.  Now you might be saying well I see many earning multiple streams of income.  You are right and so are we but most including Bill and I are only focused on one MLM business.  The passive affiliate income isn’t in the same field of residual MLM income.

We promote one MLM and there have been times where we have been asked to promote a product launch for another industry leader.  Guess what happens?  You probably guessed it….when we put our energy and efforts into that product launch for Mr. industry leader our primary business suffers.  Why? Because…..we spread ourselves out too thin.

I want to challenge you to put your blinders on for 90 days straight.  Rid the distractions, meaning webinars, emails, shiny objects and focus just on building your one MLM business. Build and stop being the student and watch the rewards come in.

Problem #2 – Building more than one MLM business creates confusion in the minds of those who are following you or whose interests have been peaked by what you have to offer.

Let them dig a little further and realize you have mixed messages and you have lost the business.

People join YOU Inc. not your business and if you are sending out mixed messages about what you represent you will come across as a person with no sense of commitment or direction. People want to work with leaders with a clear vision and direction. They are not looking for a leader who is wavering between X business and Y.

Try to build a following with no clear direction and you will quickly find you have no following.  Or….ask yourself, would you join someone who was representing 3 different MLM businesses?  Wouldn’t you question where this leader’s loyalty is?

Problem #3 – You start generating a ton of leads everyday and now what are you going to pitch? X business? Y business?  Or….maybe Z business?  Let’s say you put 3 in X, 2 in Y and 1 in Z in 30 days.  The power of most MLM business compensation plans come from building an organization and if you just spread those people among different businesses you are only hurting your own residual income. Makes more sense to build a team, community, organization, momentum with one company. Power in numbers and you will are more attractive when you are clear on your direction.

Here’s the deal.  Bill and I are in our primary business because we want to change the lives of so many that are looking for a better way in life.  We get emails everyday from people pitching us on the next big thing.  “Michelle, you gotta check this out!  It’s going to be the next big thing.  You need to get on ground floor.  It’s the best compensation plan in our industry.  We have the most cutting edge product, like no other! Check it out!”

Pfft….okay once again, we hear this every single day and as leaders we aren’t attracted to this at all.  We are very clear on our vision, MLM business, direction, and we are loyal to changing the lives of those willing every single day.

Give people more than one option and they will take the path of least resistance or the cheaper route.

They key to promoting another MLM is doing it after you have picked one MLM business, created momentum in that business, made it profitable, it runs on automation, and now you are reaping the rewards of residual income. Once this has been accomplished then yes, you probably could promote another MLM business.


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