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Bill’s Network Marketing Success Story

Normally I am the one creating the article here on our blog but today I have Bill sharing his network marketing success story of the day in the section below.


Hi, Bill here. I know you typically hear from Michelle but I wanted to share with you a brief story of something that happened to me yesterday.

So I woke up yesterday morning and of course my two dogs want to go for a walk.

Well I walked outside to see what the temperature was and realized that for Dallas it was a chilly morning. (My fellow New Englanders would have no sympathy for me. lol)

But here’s the thing; it wasn’t so much that I though it was chilly but rather I knew it would be really cold for one of our dogs.

We have big 100 Lb German Shepherd named Scout (you may have heard him barking on our webinars) who can pretty much handle anything.

In fact, I’ve seen him accidentally hit his head against tables and knock people over and I honestly think that he doesn’t feel pain.

But it wasn’t Scout I was worried about. We also have our other dog Taz, who is a 9 Lb  Toy fox terrier. He has very short, fine hair and he is always curling up in blankets even when he is hanging inside the house.

I know that if I were to take him for a walk when the temperature is in the mid to high 30’s that he would absolutely be shaking and freezing the entire walk. Bottom line, Taz would be miserable.

So what’s a guy to do in this situation???

Simple, I decided to wait until the sun came out and the weather warmed up. Here in Dallas you can start the day in the mid 30’s but by noon it is in the high 60’s to low 70’s.

So I said let me do some other things first, and then at 11:00 I’ll take the dogs for a walk.

Now this decision to wait until 11:00 to walk my dogs is specifically why I am writing this to you today.

I could’ve taken the dogs for a walk at 8:00AM, or 11:00AM, or 2:00PM or 5:00PM. Frankly, I can take my dogs for a walk whenever I want.


Well, because of the lifestyle we’ve built with our home based business and our network marketing success.

Now Im not suggesting that we’re flying in private jets and hanging out back stage at U2 concerts as a result of our network marketing success.

But what I am telling you is that from a time freedom standpoint I can pretty much do what I need to do whenever I want to do it.

No boss to report to, no rush hour traffic. No running home at lunch to walk the dogs and losing my entire lunch hour.

Nope, I get to wait until 11:00 to walk my dogs if I feel like it. And that’s exactly what I did yesterday.

So if you would like to learn how you too can have this same kind of flexibility in your daily schedule Click Here to see how you can make it happen.

Michelle here again, In order to achieve network marketing success requires dedication and proper training.  Bill and I are committed to helping you achieve success online.  What kinds of things will you or are you enjoying because of your network marketing success, leave us a comment below we would love to hear.

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