Avon Review

Avon Review

 Avon Company Review

If you landed here there’s a good chance you are looking for an honest Avon review as to whether this is a legitimate home based business opportunity. Or maybe you are here because you are looking to grow you Avon organization.  Either way, welcome and congratulations on doing your due diligence in researching.

I am not part of Avon but am here to give you a third party biased Avon review to help you build and determine whether Avon is a fit for you.

Avon is the world’s largest direct selling company. The company markets  beauty products, fashion products, and home products around the world. They distribute to more than 100 countries.

Yes, just by viewing the catalog one can see that indeed this is a company for women. There are approximately 6.5 million independent Avon Sales Representatives. As a global leader for beauty products, Avon is committed to creating the best quality products which are made from beauty experts from around the world.

Once an individual commits to becoming an independent Avon Sales Representative, one has the ability to sell the Avon products to their family, friends, neighbors, and just about any person you may know. There is an opportunity within the compensation plan to get your products for free and at discounted prices. There are also other great benefits just by being a part of Avon.

The Avon opportunity offers those who join flexibility, glamour, rewards, and unlimited earning potential. The opportunity to be your own boss can be worked part-time or full-time to earn additional income.  You can set your own time and schedule – wherever you want and whenever you want, just one of the many perks of network marketing.

Avon Review – Products

The Avon product line has been known to bring new beauty products to the market faster than any other beauty company. The company is continually setting new trends and revolutionizing the industry. The do this by employing a global team of scientists and innovative beauty experts.

Just some of the products brought to the market first were light adjusting make-up, to hydrating lipstick, to revolutionary anti-aging skin care products. The Avon product list goes on and on and the company continues to provide ground-breaking products to help women always look their best.

As a distributor of Avon is once you have success you can start to enjoy personal time freedom and financial freedom. The company provides tools for your success such as, marketing plans, selling tools, incentives, and they also offer bonuses.

Where many fail in Avon is when distributors find out that all their friends, family, neighbors, warm market are no longer interested, the distributor gets frustrated with lack of leads and they decide to quit. Those who don’t quit are the ones who have cracked the code to finding new prospects to talk to every single day.  After interviewing many of the successful leaders we have found that they all have one thing in common.  They are using a simple system to generating new leads every single day into their business.  To find out more on how you can become successful with Avon and always have prospects to talk to about your Avon business, Click HERE. 

Though, recruiting is not a requirement for the business it is a great way to expand your pocketbook. The income potential has no ceiling.  Once a distributor becomes a unit leader, Avon offers rewards and incentives. Building your Avon business can take time and quite a bit of effort in recruiting new distributors. This is why we recommend in this Avon Review the following system. Once you have become established, your unit will help you reach your business goals and raise your income exponentially.

Once you become a unit representative you will obviously be known as a leader therefore you will want to train and coach your representatives to embark on the same path you did to become successful so you too can earn commission on their performance.

Once problem with Avon, however, is the lack of innovative training on the internet.  This is why I suggest you connect with a leader that can show you how to use this system if you want to build your Avon business online. While you can grow your business in a traditional manner by starting with your warm market, eventually you will have to go outside your comfort zone in order to grow your organization once your warm market runs out.

In conclusion to this Avon Review, the company is solid and has been in business for 125 years, which shows no sign of stopping.

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