Is Your Autoresponder List Responsive?



Autoresponder List Dead?

While there are many ways to bring your list back from the dead or get a more responsive list, this is just one example from my own personal list.

How I get my autoresponder list to respond:

1. Ask a favor or question

2. Tell your autoresponder list of people how much time it will require them to do what you are asking.  People are generally very busy and honestly unless they truly know you then they just may not respond to your request.

3. Which leads me to this point, give them something in return.  Now that you have got their attention by offering your autoresponder list something in return, #2 sets the stage for is it worth their time.

In the video below I make an offer and make an offer that’s I feel is worth their time, 3 seconds. Always tell a person how long it will take for them to do what you are asking and tell them exactly what steps they will need to take.

People don’t like surprises and if you make it really clear as do what they will be doing for the value you are giving in return, then you have a better chance of getting a response.

In the video below I show the results of what I just recently did to get a response from my autoresponder list.  Word of caution though, if you don’t typically respond to your list on a daily basis, then be careful with just sending out a, Please Help Me, email.  They just might think you are only using them for your own selfish gain.

You have to treat your autoresponder list like every single one of those people are your friends.  Learn to speak to them that way and open up your heart.  True authenticity has to come through or you will have a hard time making a connection with your list.

Autoresponder List Video:


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