Attraction Marketing Formula




Finding Your Value With the Attraction Marketing Formula

About a year ago I kept hearing about a little term called “Attraction Marketing Formula“.  You see I was intrigued by the thought of having prospects hunting me down to join my business.  I was sick and tired of chasing around my warm market.  I was disgusted with trying to recruit my friends and family, who were annoyed by my efforts.

I wanted the Attraction Marketing Formula!

First you might be asking what is the attraction marketing formula? In a nutshell it’s about attracting endless new distributors and customers to you. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air, I was thinking.  No longer would I have to do the chasing, now I would become the hunted.

So, the first ever course on the attraction marketing formula, I picked up was a course called, Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard.  This little $40 dollar purchase was seriously the best investment I had ever made in my business.  A business, which is now a 6 figure business that I built through the attraction marketing formula in just 6 months.  For more information on the attraction marketing formula from the best of the best, Mike Dillard, Click HERE.

Even though the attraction marketing made sense to me, I felt I had one little stumbling block and that was providing value.  In the beginning I had no idea how someone like myself, who had no experience at all, could provide any value.  Well, I am here to share with you in this video below how you can discover your value, if you just pay close attention to what your listeners are saying.


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