In today’s video I am discussing the difference between attraction marketing and prospecting. While they may sound similar they are actually pretty different strategies. Check out the video below.

What is attraction marketing?

Generally, when you are using attraction marketing you are in essence trying to attract others to you by solving common problems. You find a target audience, like struggling network marketers, and then you solve their problems via providing content, offering training, support etc. This is different from prospecting because with prospecting you’re actively reaching out to people, trying to find them, find their pain, and try to offer a solution. While it sounds similar to attraction marketing, prospecting varies because in attraction marketing people find YOU, they come to YOU for answers, help, etc. In prospecting you are reaching out to others, so the tables are turned.

Now attraction marketing takes longer to to see results. You have to stick to delivering content, and value for quite some time. However, if you’re prospecting you are picking up the phone, or actively going out and finding people. You can mix a bit of both into your business strategy to help speed up success, as well as to provide you with solid experience doing both types of marketing.

Attraction marketing and prospecting both have pros and cons, and quite honestly you need to be good to some degree at both so that you can determine which one is right for you. I use on of the worlds greatest attraction marketing platforms to draw people into my business and help solve their problems. The system I use is called MLSP and they have an amazing $2.00 trial. If you’re interested in learning more about attraction marketing and prospecting then I invite you to check out MLSP. The training within MLSP covers both prospecting and attraction marketing.

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