Ambit Energy Reviews

Ambit Energy Reviews

Ambit Energy Reviews

If you are here because you have been searching through all the Ambit Energy Reviews but are looking for an unbiased, the you have found it.

Ambit Energy Reviews – According to the records on file Ambit Energy formed back in 2006 in the deregulated state of Texas. Ambit Energy is a member of the DSA – Direct Selling Association and they are a member of the BBB – Better Business Bureau therefore they are a legit business.  Ambit Energy is also considered one of the top energy providers in the state of Texas.  They have accumulated over 600,000 customers as of the third quarter of 2011.

Ambit Energy Reviews – The Team

Ambit Energy was founded by two friends by the name of Jere Thompson, Jr, and Chris Chambless both of which have a reputable business experience.  Chris Chambless was with a company by the name of Excel Communications in which he was a top executive.  He was also VP pf Marketing at a Telecom company called VarTec. Combined with Jere Thompson’s experience with Caprock which did more than $300 million in revenues both gentlemen have an impressive business resume.

Ambit Energy Reviews -The Services and Products

When the telecom industry made a surge in the deregulated market back in the 1990’s, many business owners profited nicely.  If this is any indicator of the future of deregulated energy we will probably see again many profitable businesses who have entered into the game of deregulation.  Ambit Energy provides energy services to residences and small businesses.

Thanks to the deregulation of energy in many states, Ambit Energy markets in Texas, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. The demand for elecctricity is high and all households use energy on a daily basis, therefore the customer retention will likely be higer than typical other network marketing companies who deal in consumables.

Ambit Energy Compensation Plan

In order to join Ambit Energy as a marketing consultant there is a one time fee of $429.00.  There is no annual fee and as an associate you start earning income when you enroll more associates who make their qualifying sales in ther first 30 days. The range in pay ranges from $100 to $240 in which it all depends on the associates rank. Residual income comes from the distributor’s sign ups who pay their montly energy bill through Ambit Energy each month. In addition to this associates can also qualify for free energy each month so I would say from these factors involved Ambit Energy does have a fair compensation plan compared to most companies in the MLM industry.

Ambit Energy Reviews – Final Thoughts

As you can see Ambit Energy does provide an opportunity to make a nice income but sadly many associates will never see that income due to several factors as to why people say Ambit Energy scam. Most uplines tell their new associates to make a list of their friends and family to recruit.  While this is a good idea there comes a point when that warm market runs out and the failure begins to happen. This is not the fault of the associate it’s just that they were not equipped with the tools to be a successful Ambit Energy associate.  If you want to be a top Ambit leader and one of the 1% who do succeed at Ambit Energy make sure you take a serious look at what that 1% are not telling you on how they have successfuly built their businesses.  If you are serious about creating a lifestyle as an entrepreneur equip yourself with the tools necessary to succeed.  Tools that will generate you upwards of 50 qualified leads a day for your Ambit Energy Business. Bottom line is NO leads = NO business, click to learn more, Ambit Energy Reviews Success Today.

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