A Special Message – Bill Pescosolido & Michelle Pescosolido

As we end our 2012 Bill Pescosolido & Michelle Pescosolido have a special message for you.

We appreciate every single one of you and commend you on choosing to be a part of this industry.  More millionaires are made within our industry than any other industry and we want you to be a part of the momentum.  We are committed as we have been for the past 2 1/2 years to your success.

We will continue to pump value into the industry through our videos, tutorials, courses, blog posts, etc.  We want you to know we do this to help you find those golden nuggets that you deserve to take your marketing of your own business to the next level.

What we do understand is many are still struggling and need much more than video trainings, tutorials, blog posts, etc.  This is why we have made this offer for a select few individuals who want more one on one coaching.  We have opened up our program to the next 5 people who meet the qualifications.

Watch the video below and follow the instructions on how you can partner with us during this very limited time offer.

If this is something of interest to you then be sure to watch this presentation by clicking HERE.  If not it’s okay, we will continue to provide value here on this blog for your convenience.

Tonight at 9pm EST, Dec. 27th, we have a very exciting announcement for those wanting to take part in our limited offer.  Stay tuned.

Thanks for all your support this year and thanks for staying connected with us!  Here’s to 2013!

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