20 Minute Payday System

Today was an amazing webinar held by Russell Brunson who was covered the basics and vision of the 20 Minute Payday system and the Affiliate Evolutions system.

You see, I joined Russell in this particular venture a few months ago but have known him and have worked with him closely for over a year now.  In my opinion he is one of the very best internet marketers out there.  He he is a genius when it comes to his teachings of marketing, teaching list building and the creation of systems to help affiliates make more money in their business, such as the 20 Minute Payday system.

Now you may of heard me talk about the 20 Minute Payday system, but today I got an even more clearer vision on what Russell is doing to help people make money online.  Even for the beginners this system works.  For example, spending 10K a month to promote your 20 minute payday link for free, stellar training from one of his live events, and much more.

In the below video I show you my 20 Minute Payday back office and how the entire system works and what it means for you if you decide to join or if you are already a member.

There are 3 hot programs inside of this system to help you build such as Empower Network, DotComSecretsX and Pure Leverage all of which I am a part of.

20 Minute Payday

20 Minute Payday <–JOIN

Please note that in the above video I did mention another system that is a lucrative system back with more opportunities to make additional income. I will cover this in another video coming up in a few days.  But, if you want to learn more now you can visit by Clicking HERE. 

Once you get started in the 20 Minute Payday system be sure to request me on Facebook as a friend and send me a private message on Facebook so I can add you to our FB mastermind group.

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