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Status Updates Overview For Your Facebook Business

Today I discuss the different types of status updates for your Facebook Business Fan Page.  Status updates that will increase your engagement on your page which in return will increase your EdgeRank with your fans.

The other kind of status updates I discuss in the below video for you Facebook Business is types of status updates that will generate more leads for you business.

The key is to post a variety of different posts and keep your fans coming back for more because you are person who delivers value.

Keep your status updates at a ratio of 80 -90 % value and 10-20% offers. Also make sure you are posting to your Facebook Business page at least 4-5 times a day.  Find out what works for you and what types of posts work for you by analyzing your insights on your Facebook Page.

All right, let’s dive in!

Your Facebook Business

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I hope you enjoyed this video and it brings more success to your Facebook Business.


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