Viral FB Formula

Viral FB Formula Program

You may have heard the buzz around the program called Viral FB Formula or maybe not.  Either way I put together a video of the Viral FB Formula back office showing you exactly what you will get when you purchase the Viral FB Formula.

I am also going to share with you in the video how to get the formula at the low locked in price of $37.00 and not the $97.00 that most are starting to see.  So be sure to watch the entire video.

I also discuss in the video why getting your posts to go viral is key to getting your fans and/or subscribers to see your important business status updates.

You see Facebook uses an algorithm called Edge Rank and many marketers struggle without even knowing it with this algorithm.  Without understanding what Edge Rank can or can not do for your business, you may be wasting your time on Facebook.

So be sure to watch the Viral FB Formula short video I did below:

Viral FB Formula ==> Click HERE

Remember if the price shows $97.00 just clear your cookies on your browser or use a different computer.

FB Post Magic, a GREAT tool.  Grab your prospects email right on your Facebook page instead of losing them when they click to go to a link you provide that takes them outside of Facebook.  Click HERE

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