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Using MLSP to Build Your MLM With Facebook Marketing

One of our secrets to building a successful business online is how we use MLSP to build our MLM with Facebook marketing. I want to explain the MLSP part first since that’s the foundation of where we start with mastering lead generation for our business.

Really it doesn’t matter if you are building an MLM or you are just looking for a way to generate leads, make sales as an affiliate marketer, know that MLSP can help and I am going to explain exactly how in this post especially in reference to building your MLM with Facebook marketing.

But, first let me say there is one crucial mistake you must avoid when using MLSP.  You see MLSP is much much more than an attraction marketing system that provides you an effective sales funnel.  MLSP is much more than just a system that allows you to brand yourself as an online leader in the internet marketing industry.  It’s so much more!  It’s even more than just a powerful tool that gives you the ability to build a massive list and a relationship with that list.

In fact there are many tools in the MLSP back office that you can provide to your list, such as free marketing trainings and free webinars all of which are branded to you.  MLSP is jam packed with value that you can provide to your list and your list will love you for it.

Simply put, this is what attraction marketing is all about, leading with value so people will start hunting you down to work with you in your business.

The extensive library of marketing training in the MLSP back office has over 3 years of training on all the greatest cutting edge marketing strategies all under one log in.  It’s simply a goldmine for any marketer and is definitely one of the big reasons why we have been able to build a healthy 6 figure income in just 6 months of jumping online.

However the biggest mistake I see new marketers make when venturing online to use MLSP is they treat the back office like they are a kid in the candy store.  It took me about 2 months to realize I was falling victim to the kid in the candy store syndrome and I was diving into every marketing strategy the back office had to offer.  While it’s awesome to have all this in the back office it’s important that you only focus on one marketing strategy until you have mastered that method.

By trying to implement several strategies at once like Facebook marketing and blogging at the same time you will spread yourself too thin and get ineffective results. So I want to recommend from experience, that you choose one method, learn it, get results, and master it.  What you might find will likely happen is once you get results from your one method that you choose it will be enough to get the massive results you are looking for.

As in our situation when I finally figured out I needed to focus on one method our MLM with Facebook marketing started to explode.  We also became the #1 recruiters in our primary company and some of the top affiliate marketers in the industry.  Just remember you don’t have to be the jack of all trades but you do want to be the master of one.  This my friend is how you become the “go to” person for the method you have mastered as in our case Facebook marketing.

So how did we use MLSP to build our MLM with Facebook marketing?

  • We joined MLSP
  • We chose one marketing method to build our MLM with Facebook marketing
  • We put our blinders on and set up the MLSP system in one day
  • We leverage the system by using just 1 capture page that MLSP provided us
  • We went out on Facebook and mastered Facebook marketing with ppc ad and free strategies
  • We let the system work for us when a lead opted in to our 1 capture page we chose to use
  • We then offered value to our subscribers on our list who got there from our capture page (no we didn’t have value to offer from day 1 this is why we used the value that MLSP gave us that was branded to us to offer to our list for FREE)
  • We called our leads and built a relationship with them

Then one day something magical started to happen very quickly after joining MLSP, we became attractive.  People were knocking down our door to work with us in our MLM.  We were no longer chasing around friends, family or our leads we were generating.  We were now the hunted.  This my friend is the beauty of attraction marketing and yes, it can be done in those simple steps I just outlined above if you remember to stay focused and master one marketing method.

If you are interested in learning more about MLSP and how you can build your MLM with Facebook marketing then we want to invite you to view our presentation by clicking on the following link and feel free to reach out to us because we are committed to helping you succeed in this industry – MLM with Facebook marketing.

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