How to Tag People on Facebook Fan Page

In the above video I show how to tag people on Facebook Fan Pages.  You can tag someone’s personal profile and you can tag another Facebook Fan Page as long as you have liked that page as your own Fan Page persona.  The key is to switch between the voices that you are posting with on your Fan Page to have the ability to tag one or the other.

When using Facebook as a Page, you cannot tag people (i.e. your friends or “likers”) in a
post unless you are personal friends with them. What you can do is tag other Pages in a post or photo.

When you create a Page, Facebook automatically defaults your permissions to always
post and comment as your page instead of yourself. In order to start tagging people
you’ll have to bypass this by doing the following: Click on the “Edit Page” button at the
top right of your page and select “Manage Permissions.”

This will show you page suggestions, posting preferences, email notifications, etc. Under
“Posting Preferences” if you select “Always comment and post on your page as Your
Page, even when using Facebook as Your Name” than you will not be able to tag
people in posts. If you want to be able to tag people in a post on your than make sure
this box is not selected. If you make any changes, don’t forget to click “Save Changes.”

Tagging Photos and Comment:
You can tag people in a picture or a comment, but only your friends, if and only if the
owner of the Page has their “Tagging Ability” turned on, which allows Facebook users
to tag photos uploaded by the Page.

The Tagging Process for Photos:

1. Click the photo you wish to tag and select “Tag This Photo” below the photo.

2. Type the name of the people or Page you wish to tag.

3. Repeat this process for every person or Page in the photo that you would like to

4. Click “Done Tagging” in the bottom left corner.

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