In this video I want to discuss our upcoming Six Figure Branding Boot Camp.. Bill and I are going to be walking you through the entire process of how to build a massive brand on Facebook.

If you’ve ever struggled to build your brand on Facebook then this boot camp is for you! We only have a FEW spots remaining but we’re pretty excited about what you will be learning during our 8 week intensive program!

This will be a very interactive 8 week boot camp. Are you ready? Rest assured if you can’t make it to the live sessions, you will have lifetime access to the recordings. You will also be given access to our intimate Facebook group where you will get to work with Bill and myself one on one for 8 weeks.

Here is what you will learn during each week.

1. I will be teaching in a 4 part series:

a. How to define your brand and craft your offer.

b. Crafting your Facebook marketing business plan.

c. How to generate leads into your business.

d. How to become famous on Facebook and be the go to person for your niche.

2. Bill will be teaching in his 4 part series:

a. How to overcome your fear and establish rapport with your leads.

b. How to uncover your prospects pain and provide them the right solution.

c. How to maintain your posture and control of the conversation.

d. How to overcome objections and close your prospects into your offer.

Are you ready to get started? Hurry up because we only have a few seats remaining and this boot camp starts in a few weeks! Click HERE to register for your seat!

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