In today’s post I want to discuss retargeting on Facebook.

Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Retargeting:

So why would you want to incorporate Facebook retargeting into your advertising strategy? In today’s post I want to share some scenarios with you that will show you why retargeting on Facebook is crucial for success in your marketing strategy. We all know that getting targeted traffic to our offers, websites, and landing pages is required in order to generate leads, sales, and grow our business. However, what if someone visits your business website. This could be your blog, your MLM business site, your small business website, etc, let’s say they found you online via Google search, or you directed them to by giving them a business card etc. Well by creating a Website Custom Audience pixel and installing it on your site you now have the ability to retarget those website visitors on Facebook. Maybe they came to your site and didn’t pick up the phone to call you, or they didn’t engage with your offer or didn’t opt into your newsletter, by using Facebook retargeting you can reengage these individuals and show them your brand, your Facebook page, perhaps a more refined offer that they might be willing to engage with or simply share your content with them to further establish a relationship with them.

Here’s another scenario, you create a Facebook ad, you target someone in an effort to get them to opt into your offer, and become a lead, and subscriber, by creating a retargeting pixel that can be placed on either a landing page, thank you page, or sales page, you’re able to determine which ads are generating leads, sales, and conversions. You can also refine your message to someone that may have visited your landing page but wasn’t interested enough to leave you their contact into in exchange for your offer, you can then create a more compelling offer and use Facebook retargeting to try to re-engage them to subscribe to your newsletter.

My good friend Nick and I did a really awesome 2 hour webinar on Facebook retargeting, you can check it out by clicking HERE. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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