How to Retarget Your Email List and Why You Should Be Doing It

Retarget Your Email List

Did you know you can use Facebook Ads to retarget your email list of subscribers?

Retarget Your Email Retargeting is a great way to:

  • Increase offer/brand awareness
  • Get people who visited your website back into your funnel

But did you know that you can increase your conversions and overcome a low email open rate by retargeting your email list?

I’ll get into exactly how to retarget your email list in a sec but first lets take a look at 5 reasons why you should be retargeting your email list right now.


5 Reasons Why You Should Retarget Your Email List

If you are creating Facebook Ads here are a 5 reasons why you should retarget your email list of subscribers.

  1. Often times when you email your list, the email doesn’t get opened or it falls into your subscriber’s spam box. If you retarget your email list of subscribers with a Facebook Ad, you are creating an additional opportunity to get your offer or message in front of your subscribers.
  2. In most cases, an individual will have to see your marketing message several times before they finally pull the trigger and take action.  If you put your offer in front of your email list of subscribers more frequently you have a better chance of the individual taking action. Statistics prove that people don’t often make a decision at first site.  It takes several more views to finally take action on a purchase.
  3. If you have a low email open rate percentage, you can increase your conversions by putting your message or offer in front of those people by retargeting them with a Facebook Ad.
  4. For higher conversion rates you should focus on building the Know, Like, Trust factor.  Having a Facebook Business Page and running Facebook Ads gives a face and a personality to your business. Think about how many times you have gone to a businesses Fan Page to get more info on who they are and what products they sell.  People buy from people they know, like and trust and when you retarget your list of subscribers who also receive your emails, this gives those individuals more opportunity to get to know your business better through an additional outlet besides email.
  5. It’s inexpensive to retarget your email list of subscribers using Facebook Ads. To this day, Facebook is still one of the hottest and least expensive forms of advertising that converts at a high rate.


Retarget Your Email List: How To Set This Up In Your Facebook Ads Manager

Now that you know the 5 reasons why you should be retargeting your email list…

… let me take a moment to show you two ways you can activate this feature in your Facebook Ad Manager.


First, you can manually upload your email list of subscribers to Facebook.

This approach tends to be time consuming because you will need to always up date your custom audience list as your email list continues to grow.

  1. Go to your Facebook Ad Manager:
  2. Click on tools, then choose audiences.  Retarget Your Email
  3. Next choose create an audience. Retarget Your Email
  4. Finally choose to upload your list of subscribers which will need to be downloaded from your CRM as a CSV file. You will also need to name the audience something for reference in the future. If you are uploading a email list of 5000 emails, not all of those emails will be uploaded and this will be due to Facebook unable to match any registered Facebook email address within their system.


Following the above steps will create a custom audience and now you can create a Facebook Ad where you can target your list of email subscribers as an option for targeting.

The easiest and quickest way to get your list of subscribers into your Facebook Ad Manager’s back office is to use an automated software program that will update your custom audience automatically each time a new subscriber is added to your current email list.

We highly recommend SyncSumo who offers different subscription levels based on the size of your list and business needs.

Here are a list of SyncSumo’s features:

  • InstaSync℠ – Instantly push leads into a Facebook custom audience in real-time.
  • LeadAlerts℠ – Get email alerts in real-time when new leads arrive.
  • SmartLeads℠ – Enhance your lead data with social accounts and demographic data.
  • RealSync℠ – Sync all email addresses and phone numbers to custom audiences.

You can test our SyncSumo for FREE for 14 days and get a 20% discount if you choose to activate by using our special code Pesco20 on the checkout page, HERE


Retargeting Your Email List: Final Thoughts

When it comes to creating Facebook ads for our own business, there are two audiences that we always target with success.

  1. Our Facebook Fans
  2. Our List of Email Subscribers

We do this for many reasons, but the main reason is because we get higher conversion rates.

When we target our email list and our Facebook fans (presumably people who already know, like, and trust us) we’re targeting a much warmer audience.

Because we’re targeting a much warmer audience there is less resistance and skepticism when these people see our ads and therefore our conversions are much higher.

This is just one of the many targeting strategies that we recommend.

If you are interested in learning more check out our latest most up to date Facebook course Social Media Branding Academy.


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