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Quick Way to Delete Facebook Friends

Welcome and most likely you are here because you have come to realize there has to be a better way to delete Facebook friends more quickly than going one by one on your Facebook page. Not to mention that each time you delete Facebook friends from your page the page refreshes and you have to scroll back down to find where you left off.

Now…. there might be a better way to delete Facebook friends than what I am about to show you, but so far this is the best and quickest that I have found.  If you find an even quicker way or easier way then let me know in the comment section below of this post.

Now you might be like me and when you started your Facebook page you received random friend requests thinking that these people really were interested in being your friend, so you added them.  Come to find out later they had an ulterior motive to try and sell you something.  Now that they are your friend your news feed is now flooded from these “so called” friends who are flashing their checks, pitching their XYZ company because it’s “the best since sliced bread”, blah blah blah.

Sure you can just report their posts as spam and hope that Facebook blocks them from posting or you could hide their stories from their news feed, but I say if you are not gaining any value from these “so called” new friends then why not delete them.

So here is the quickest way I know to delete Facebook friends:

1. Grab your iphone

2. Open your browser on your iphone (Safari)

3. Go to (not your app btw…)

4. Log in to your personal account

5. Click on to view your actual Facebook page

6. Click on your friends below your cover photo

7. Now you should see a list of your friends and to the right is an image of a person with a check mark.  Click on that and the unfriend option will come up

8. Click unfriend . The cool thing is you can go down the entire list without the actual page refreshing every time you click unfriend like what happens on your Facebook page off of your computer or the iphone application.

Now, I haven’t tested this with other phones so feel free to let me know in the comment section below to help others who also want to delete Facebook friends more quickly that may not have an iphone.

Hope this helps you delete your Facebook friends faster so you can finally take back ownership of your news feed by seeing the posts that provide value to you value.

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