Tips to Getting More Fans on Facebook

More Fans on Facebook

Welcome to this post on tips to getting more fans on Facebook.

One of the biggest challenges that I hear when working with businesses is they want to figure out a quick way to getting more fans on Facebook to their Fan Page.  In fact many ask if it would be smart to just go to and/or other services to buy fans.  My response is NO.  I do NOT recommend doing this because the fans that you typically buy from outsourcers are typically fans that quite frankly, have no interest in your brand that you represent.

Your Facebook business will become much more profitable if you find fans who actually want to be on your Facebook Fan Page. Meaning…..they clicked the “like” button because they were attracted to your page for a particular reason. The longevity of your fan will be much longer than a fan that was bought.

One other disadvantage to buying fans is that Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank and if you have a fan not interested in any of your status updates, your rank will decrease tremendously and as that decreases fans of your page will not see your posts in their news feed. To learn more about EdgeRank you can visit this post I did, by clicking HERE.

So, let’s get into some effective tips to getting more fans on Facebook

1. Create a welcome page application tab – Statistics show that by driving traffic to a welcome tab will increase your fan base more quickly. On a welcome tab you will want to add a video that is under 2 minutes.  In that video, welcome your potential fans, tell them who you are, what they will receive if they “like” your page, ask for the “like” and by all means thank them for visiting your page and becoming a part of your community.  There are several third party applications you can use for free and at a low cost that will quickly enable you to create these welcome application tabs.  Visit my personal favorite by clicking HERE.

2. Use your email – If you have an email database then consider emailing your list and asking them to join in on the conversation on your Facebook Fan Page and provide the URL to your page.

Also consider using your Facebook Fan Page URL in the signature line of your emails.  You would be surprised how many people will actually click on the link just to see what you are up to and what you represent.

3. Invite your existing friends – You can go into your admin panel of your Facebook Fan Page and invite your existing friends who you feel would benefit from you page.  It’s really a simple strategy that takes less than 5 minutes, all depending on how many friends you will be inviting to your page.

4. Use Facebook as your Fan Page persona – There is an option on your Fan Page where you can switch into your Facebook Fan Page persona and go to other Fan Pages and comment on those pages.  This is a great way to find similar pages within your niche where you can get exposure on their page.

By commenting on other Fan Pages with valuable information, or with thought provoking questions, or by just answering someone else’s questions on another Fan Page can result in a new fan for your own Facebook Fan Page.

5. Ask for the share – Consider finding others in your niche to also share your Fan Page to their fans.  It’s as easy as reaching out to another Facebook Fan Page owner and telling them that you would like to share their Facebook Fan Page on your own Fan Page, if they are willing to do the same for you.

I would suggest though, finding someone who also has around the same amount of Facebook Fans as you do.

6. Facebook Ads – Probably the quickest and my favorite way of getting more fans on Facebook is by utilizing the advertising platform on Facebook.  As of this post one of my best performing ads that I have created to getting more fans on Facebook is the ad that promotes a specific post on Facebook and the stories about friends liking the XYZ (your fan page) page.

While there are a variety of different types of ads you can run and I encourage you to try all the ones that drive traffic to your Facebook Fan Page, find one that gives you the best results as this can differ from Fan Page to Fan Page.

Most importantly target your ads to an audience that will most likely find your page relevant to what they are looking for and keep the audience small.  Once you find that audience be sure to monitor daily in your admin panel of your Facebook Fan Page how many likes you are getting as a result of your advertisement.

I created this video below to show visually all that I am talking about in this post so you can be successful in getting more fans on Facebook quickly.

All these tips work great when it comes to getting more fans on Facebook. The key is to build a community on your page as you go and get the fans talking. As you start to get more fans on Facebook you will find that the viralitity of your page will increase as your fan base grows.

Facebook has become a permanent fixture in growing our business and if you are looking for more training on how to successfully build your brand online using Facebook and to getting more fans on Facebook I encourage you to check out my free training, Click HERE.

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