Self Promoting as a strategy to Market on Facebook = Does it work?

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So You Want to Market on Facebook and You Think Self Promoting Might Attract Prospects…

You now have a fancy Business Fanpage that is ready to market on Facebook.  You venture out to see what other marketers are doing. Now if your news feed is anything like mine, you want to throw up on the screen because every other post, from every other marketer is all about how they are the best at XYZ, how they have the most XYZ this week, how they hit XYZ for the week, how they can teach you how to win XYZ, or maybe how they did XYZ and if you want to learn how then you NEED to contact them or you are going to fail miserably.  These kind of status updates that individuals are using to market on Facebook remind me of when I was in grade school and Melissa, the girl I was always competing against, would invariably make it a point to tell me how her mom told her she was the best jazz dancer in her class.  The exact jazz class I was a part of.

So, I am just wondering if marketers that are using self promotion tactics to market on Facebook really think that no one can see through their hype. Fact or not fact it really doesn’t work and I’ll explain why in a moment. Those kinds of status updates, honestly are just offensive to readers and quite frankly as a leader in this industry, I delete them as a friend or block their status updates.  Truth be told maybe if Mr. X had handled himself differently Ms. Y, established well known leader, maybe would have considered partnering with him in his XYZ company and quite possibly made him a lot of money but Ms. Y was turned off by his hype.  Instead Mr. X attracted Mr. R who has never made a dime in this industry and he has just landed himself into another shiny opportunity because he fell for the hype.

Here’s my theory on this type of method to market on Facebook.  Any reputable leader who yes, you would want on your team is not going to be convinced no matter how good you self promote yourself.  Sadly, the people that are going to be attracted to this kind of self promotion are the one’s who are looking for the next shiny object because they have a horrible habit of not willing to put in the hard work to create success for yourself.

So, the next time you think it would be cool to post your recent 10K paycheck on Facebook to tell everyone how cool it is to get those and how they can contact you to learn how they too can earn one just like that step back.  Step back and ask yourself what kind of person you are going to be attracting with this kind of self promotional behavior. What are the other 90% of your friends really thinking about you.

The goal of marketing your business on Facebook should be to provide value, value and value.  The percentages should be 90% value and 10% sales.  Notice there is no self promotion in that formula. Truth is the only people who care about your income, the amount of people you sponsored, the car you just won, are those who are looking for a get rich quick fast blueprint. Those people are not the one’s you want in your business because if they fall for hype then they are most likely not the ideal person who is willing to get their knees dirty, their elbows dirty, roll up their sleeves and put in the time needed to make it happen.

No doubt you may be having that kind of success but you should keep that to yourself and instead teach others for free how to do the same without self promotion.  The success will shine through naturally and people will be much more attracted to that natural shine.

If you market on Facebook for your business think of every prospect who comes to your Facebook Fanpage as an individual that you care deeply about and in return watch your numbers grow. Get rid of the googly dollar signs in your eyes and you will be much more successful in your business when you market on Facebook

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