How to Market on Facebook

So, I’m cruising through Facebook this evening, completing my daily strategies that I do everyday and I ran across a few “no no’s” that were happening on Facebook.  So, it got me thinking that maybe it’s time to write a short post on how to market on Facebook.  I won’t be covering it all since that would take me at least 8 hours but, I am going to point out a few ways you should and should not market on Facebook with examples I found today.

If you have been living under a rock lately, there has been a ton of spamming, Facebook Ads, and lots of noise about this Empowered Network.  Let’s set the record straight, NO I am not a part of it nor do I ever plan to be.  Don’t take that as I don’t like David Wood, because I do.  I think he is a great guy and a great marketer and my reasons have nothing to do with him.  Also, don’t try and say, “Michelle you are just mis-informed.” That won’t work either since I have spoken to David Wood several time about his product, so yes, I know what it is all about.

Although, I did just receive this interesting post you might want to check out if you are still thinking of it.  Click HERE

All right, back to where I was…..

How NOT to Market On Facebook #1

market on facebook

I know it’s not very clear, but let me tell you what happened here:

  • One she posted this on My Lead System Pro’s fanpage (Big NO NO)
  • Two she just told everyone that they are a WUSSY if they don’t take action to join (Guess I’m a WUSSY, I can live with that)

Let me go in to the not so obvious.  There are thousands of people on Facebook promoting this product and quite frankly it’s like the Wild Wild West.  I have started to delete friends who are posting these types of posts every single day.

Seriously folks, if this is you, and if I were to join, don’t you think I would probably just go straight to the top, aka David Wood to join?  You are wasting your time and energy if you are focusing on these kinds of strategies.  Let me give you some better ways:

  • Solo Ads
  • PPC
  • Blogging
  • Article Marketing
  • Forum Marketing
  • PPV
  • and so on….

If you are going to play on Facebook then focus on leading with value, become a leader yourself and then attract people to you who actually want to work with you.  When that happens by all means present your opportunity and do your magic.

Bad How Not to Market on Facebook Example #2

market on facebook

Umm…..No Norbert and Brian didn’t join.  Secondly, I can’t believe she used Norbert’s picture, which is a clear violation of Facebook’s rules.  Probably a clear violation of Norbert’s rules too.

So what is this person saying?  Since Norbert and Brian didn’t join we need to do like other leaders and get paid?  I’m confused?

Bottom line; NEVER use another person’s picture unless you have permission to do so.  I have seen several “gurus” send out legal letters to offenders who have done this exact type of ad.

The good news!!

How to Market on Facebook Example #1

market on facebook

Classy and I might click if I didn’t know better.  I actually know her personally and her ads are all over the place, which is okay and fine by me.  Yes, it’s annoying because I see it everywhere but that’s a different issue, not because she’s practicing unethical Facebook marketing.  Kuddos to her!

So, what do we have here:

  • Legitimate title
  • Nice attractive picture
  • Not calling anyone out in the description
  • She is telling the truth of her story and what she learned

Now this is how to market on Facebook using Facebook Ads.


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