make money on facebook

Make Money on Facebook


Make Money on Facebook

Over 500 Social Media Mastery courses sold since November 2011 all to motivated individuals looking to make money on facebook.  This course is a step by step blueprint on how to make money on Facebook by building your brand / business online. The course teaches the most up to date, timeline ready, Facebook Marketing strategies.

Included in the purchase of this course is access to a private mastermind group on Facebook.  Here is an example of the most recent training that was done for this private group only open to those who bought the course, who are all learning how to make money on Facebook by building their business the right way.

Click HERE to learn how to make money on Facebook part 1

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 Below is a description of each of the modules of the Social Media Mastery Course.

Module 1: Introduction to FaceBook Marketing, and Why You Need to Start NOW!

  • This module is the foundation and will give you the overall plan Make Money on FaceBook.
  • Save countless hours of wasted time and start your FaceBook marketing the right way the first time around.
  • Create a well-oiled marketing machine that essentially Prints Money on Demand.

Module 2: Build a Sexy FanPage that Converts Like Wildfire (BUT BE CAREFUL!)

  • The Mechanics that 97% of FaceBook marketers miss, which is why they lose money on FaceBook.
  • The name you should use for your FanPage, the pictures, your cover photos… I explain everything.
  • The #1 thing YOU MUST AVOID when setting up your FanPage, or FB WILL DISABLE YOUR ACCOUNT! (I know from experience)

Module 3: Create Your FB Application Tabs (i.e., Your Offers) that Convert

  • Your offer, your welcome tab, your welcome video, ALL EXPOSED!
  • The best way to get your fans to take the action that you want them to take so You Get Paid!
  • The worst possible thing to avoid so that you only Create High Converting FB Applications.

Module 4: Understanding the Admin Panel (CRITICAL if you want to make $ on FB)

  • The most costly mistake FaceBook marketers make is NOT fully understanding their admin panel.
  • Analyze your status updates that go viral, see who YOUR target market is, and market accordingly for Serious Results!
  • This module allows you to dial in your FaceBook marketing so that your account can Crank Out Cash Daily!

Module 5: FREE FaceBook Marketing Strategies That Make You Money!

  • The fastest way to Get 31 New Fans and 17 Leads in ONE Hour 100% FREE (this is INCREDIBLE)
  • In just 15 minutes a day, embrace these simple strategies to Start Getting Leads, Fans, and Making Money!
  • If you’re on a budget, THIS is the module that you have been praying for (and YES, it’s all SIMPLE and DUPLICABLE)

Module 6: Understanding EdgeRank to Create a Community on FaceBook(powerful)

  • The 3 factors FaceBook uses to decide if they want to show your updates in your Fans’ and Friends’ newsfeeds! (Where the MONEY IS!)
  • There is an algorithm that is rewarding or penalizing you for your FB conduct, and it will destroy ALL of your efforts if you get this wrong.
  • The hottest strategies on how to create a social community that engages with you 24×7 and ensures you go viral.

Module 7: FaceBook Social Plug-Ins that Create Social Buzz – ALL are FREE!

  • The #1 fastest and most effective way to keep getting traffic back to your FanPage and Profile so you can keep selling your stuff!
  • The best FREE plug-ins that will continue to bring targeted buyers back to your FaceBook campaigns.
  • If you miss this module, you are missing the boat, losing traffic, and throwing money away.

Module 8: FaceBook Advertising Overview – the 3 Different Types of Ads

  • “Sponsored Story Ads,” “Sponsored Status Updates,” and “Events” EXPOSED! (this alone is worth more than the price-tag of this course)
  • The 3 types of ads dissected inside of FB; one is for “Likes,” the other is for engagement, and the other is for YOUR OFFER… time to Maximize Your Profits!
  • There are 12 tabs inside of FB to put 12 offers on, and I’m going to show you how to use them with internal AND external offers (and why) so you Make Money Fast!

Module 9: Putting it All Together – My Daily Routine on FB that Makes me Money Every Day!

  • This is my Step-By-Step daily routine to make money on Facebook that has created me a 6-Figure Income my First 6-Months Online!
  • How to put all of these 9 modules together so you have a FB machine that works for you 24×7 to Create Cash-Flow For Your Business.
  • This is EXACTLY what I personally do every single day on FB to Make More Money than Most Doctors.

To get access today or to discover more Click HERE today.

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