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Make an Impact in Your MLM with Facebook Marketing

For some people, making an impact in your MLM with Facebook marketing can be a fresh new strategy and an exciting one. But, for some it’s a pure struggle to figure out how to make the connections with the right people who would be interested in your offer.  When you first start out on Facebook remember it will take some time to get a good following but with patience it can become quite profitable.

In this post I want to try and help you understand what it truly takes to make an impact in your MLM with Facebook marketing.

First off you  let’s talk about your network marketing business.  You should treat network marketing as a business rather than a hobby. The truth is, if you really want to make money, you have to work at this “job” just like any other profession.  Ask yourself at the end of everyday if you would hire yourself as an employer to determine if you really worked up to your full potential.

Once you have the right mindset in your network marketing business it’s now time for you to make an impact in your MLM with Facebook marketing if you choose to go this route.

The key to building your MLM with Facebook marketing is to learn from the right sources and experts who are having success with Facebook.  Stay focused and follow just a few expert marketers in this arena to avoid getting overwhelmed, lost and frustrated.  Also make sure the experts that you do follow are in congruent with each other and your beliefs. And…by all means don’t pretend to be someone you are not.  If you are not comfortable with a strategy that you learn, then don’t do it.   If you do it won’t come across as sincere and will just appear pitchy and fake.

If you are just starting out, your goal should be to learn Facebook marketing so you will start to gain valuable insight and build a strong internet presence, which will provide value to your followers as you grow into an expert yourself. By following this pattern you will eventually become the “go to” person for the expertise you master in your niche.

Now many times I see people mistaken the notion that quantity trumps quality when it comes to making an impact in your MLM with Facebook marketing. In reality, quality always wins. What do I mean by this exactly?  When you look to spam your opportunity links, affiliate links, product links, etc over and over in mass amounts this becomes less attractive to your followers.  What you want to do is remember that quality does trumps quantity.  Therefore, take time to post valuable content even when you do post your links.  No one will stop and take a look at your offer until they have grown to know you and trust your advice. Keep your sales pitches to about 10-20% and the other posts should be pure value to your followers.

Value simply means offering someone something that will help them in their own struggles.  This does not mean that you think you have a GREAT opportunity / product and you feel they could benefit from it.  This is NOT value.  This is simply leading with your wallet.  I can’t stress this enough, give people what they want, solve their pain and once you follow this strategy you WILL make an impact in your MLM with Facebook marketing.

Let the people who you attract know that your main focus is helping them prosper. You have to inform your prospects on the how.  For instance, if you are targeting struggling network marketers, educate them on how to generate more leads, how to develop a positive mindset, how to prospect, how to close a sale, how to SEO, how to do Facebook marketing, how to structure blog articles, etc.

Remember to use your Facebook fan page for your brand / business activities to keep your followers informed of happenings in your business through engaging content.  Connect several times a day with your fans and be complimentary.

People love to talk about is themselves. So ask questions and consider using the questions option on your Facebook fan page’s status update section.  Or…ask for feedback and thoughts from your followers.  Don’t self promote yourself, let your followers know they can trust in you and that you are providing a place they can come and not get pitched 24/7.

Make an Impact in Your MLM with Facebook Marketing – Build a List

Finally another way to make an impact in your MLM with Facebook marketing is to think about building a list with your Facebook fan page.  Successful network marketers have a large database of contacts so make sure you aren’t leaving money on the table by not utilizing the application tabs section of your Facebook fan page.  On this tab you will want to create an irresistible offer to focus on building a list and having another way to communicate and connect with your followers.  Once you master this strategy you will have not only fans on your fan page but also a list of subscribers in your email database which ultimately will result in more opportunities for you to get more exposure to your brand.

In conclusion and a bit of a side note to help you realize Facebook is a hott marketing strategy. There are 1 billion people on Facebook and the options are limitless when it comes to making an impact in your MLM with Facebook marketing.

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