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Internet Marketing Success Plan

Today I want to talk about getting you into action and creating your own internet marketing success plan.

Most people who venture online fall into the trap of buying, buying and buying and never really implement anything because quite frankly they are looking for an easy push button that will magically spit money out like they won the lottery.

Well I am here to tell you that push button does not exist and you have probably been lied to over and over by damn good marketers on the internet.  Heck, being a good marketer is a good thing, but when that marketer is only doing it for their own benefit, and not truly wanting to help people succeed, then this is where I have an issue with these “good”marketers.

Listen….you don’t need to buy into another person’s internet marketing success plan.  All you really need to do is follow these steps below, create a simple internet marketing success plan yourself and just apply some marketing skills to the plan that I can help you with also.

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5 Steps to a Your Internet Marketing Success Plan

So let’s get started.

1. Decide how much time you can commit each day to your business.  If it’s only 1 hour a day then understand that you should expect a small amount of return and your business will grow much slower than someone who puts in 8 hours a day.  At an hour a day, your business is a hobby.  Now that’s okay, I get it….some people can only do an hour a day, but my point here is manage your expectations and don’t expect to get rich quick off of an hour a day.

If your reason for starting your business is solid and big enough then it doesn’t really matter how much time you can put in, it’s that you are putting in time to become successful…..period.

2. Decide how much money you can invest in your business.  I am constantly unraveling the mindset of wanna be entrepreneurs who come to me wanting to learn Facebook marketing, but only willing to spend $5 a day and expecting to make generate 100’s of leads a day and make tens of thousands of dollars a month.  The reality is $5 a day with my help could get you about 5-7 leads a day via Facebook ads and depending on how well you can convert those leads, well that will dictate your sales.  If you want a 100 leads a day be willing to spend $50 – $100 a day.

Let me be REAL with you here, not that I haven’t been thus far, but if you are serious about growing your business you MUST do paid advertising.  I am sick and tired of all these “gurus” acting as if you can get rich without any paid advertising.  If they are telling you this, then you better run or at least ask them how long it took them to get rich taking the free road.  Then ask yourself if you are willing to pound the pavement for free and put in 10 years to do it for free to get a return.

Hear me out…the quickest way to success is paid advertising.  So how much can you invest?  The more you can invest the bigger your return.

3. What is your product?  Here’s where this gets fun.  I deal with people every single day that just don’t get it. They want what Bill and I have but they can’t even afford $49 to start their journey with us.  Seriously? That’s a bunch of hogwash.  Look, I was on the verge of losing my house, my electricity was cut off, my mom was paying the bill for us and I got my act together to come up with $3,000 to invest in a business back in 2010. In my opinion someone who says they don’t even have $49 to spend doesn’t want to change their current situation bad enough.

Your WHY needs to be bigger than any excuse you can make.

Stop going out to eat, sell some books, have a garage sale, quit going to the local coffee shop, cut your cable or satellite costs, stop drinking, stop smoking, only buy the necessities in life and I bet you can discover enough money to invest in a product to start promoting.

That brings me to the product……. invest in a proven business model.  This means invest in a model that is getting people results that you know.  Not people you see on a sales page that sold you, who you don’t even know exists.  Do your research and actually talk to a person who is having success and find out what it is really going to take for you to be successful.

4. Find yourself a mentor who is accessible.  This is one of the biggest mistakes I see marketers making. We get messages almost every day where people ask Bill and I how the heck are we doing so well in our MOBE business and would we help them in their MOBE business because their affiliate referrer is no where to be found.  Now if we did this for every person who has asked us to help them, we would have NO TIME AT ALL for our own team.  Therefore, we have to just point the person asking in the right direction.

Please, please, please…..before you decide to work with someone make sure you they are accessible if you are going to need help.  For instance, we have a Facebook group where we interact daily, offer trainings, we have a team site our team can leverage to make more sales, we are accessible and also have a business coach in place when we are not to help when needed.

If you are looking to hire a mentor be prepared to shell out some decent money for a good one!  For example, our latest investment in a mentor was 40K for the year.  Yes that would be an example of decent money for a good mentor.  If you are going to pay someone $100 a month then expect to get $100 worth of mentoring at a particular skill level of that person. The higher the skill level of the person, the more money it will cost.  Understand this but know that if you are just starting out and you are tight on money then buying a ticket to the moon on a rocket ship may not be what you need just yet.  Buy what you can afford and work your way up to the seat on the rocket ship.

5. Finally pick a marketing method.  Just one marketing method when starting out is all you need.  In our case we chose Facebook marketing to promote our business.  With Facebook it’s more about building your brand, building a community, running Facebook ads, and practicing attraction marketing.  (check out my article on Attraction marketing and why we chose it over old school marketing)

With whatever marketing method you choose, invest in a really good course, practice, implement, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and stick with that method until you master it.  Mastering a marketing method means getting results.  If you see someone successful in blogging, then you know blogging works. If you see someone successful with Facebook, then you know Facebook works.  If you see someone successful with Video Marketing, then you know Video Marketing works.

The key is to get the RIGHT training from someone who has built what you want and duplicate their efforts.

Most people just choose a marketing method and only give it a few months then give up because they don’t see results.  They run on and say something like this, “Facebook doesn’t work.”  HA!  Really?  You can’t convince me of that when I have been doing it for 5 years now successfully.

My friends it’s all about you getting your PHD in a marketing method.  Think about it….did you hop on a bike for the very first time and ride off into the sunset?  No… had to learn how and perfect it.  Same thing when it comes to marketing.

Internet Marketing Success Blueprint

When I first started out online I was sold on how easy the dream looked.  Success story after success story. People on stage that appeared to be just like me but started worse off.  Of course I thought it would be easy as that is what they were selling.

Then reality sunk in and I realized it was overwhelming, frustrating, confusing, there were snakes out there, I wanted to quit and so much more…

The journey wasn’t easy.  The journey was full of snakes, rocks, boulders and lots of failures.  The key was to always get back up and never back down no matter how high the mountain was.

You see most people see a successful person and want what they have but are aren’t willing to walk that bumpy road.  Be willing to walk it and understand if success were really that easy everyone would be successful.

Here’s what I know today…..managing my expectations was huge.  Celebrating the smallest victories was huge.  Embracing the obstacles as learning milestones was huge and most of all getting into a proven business model with a mentor was probably the biggest.

I hope this article on Internet Marketing Success helps you and if you got value out of this please leave me a comment and share with your business friends.

PS….If you are looking for a a good marketing course on Facebook, or a mentor, or a solid proven business model, Bill and I can help you.  I want to encourage you to click on the boxes below and feel free to reach out to us.

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