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5 Strategies to Increase Your Engagement on Facebook

If you want to run a successful Facebook Marketing campaign you will want to start with a Facebook Fan Page that should be built around your brand.  Your brand should be your avatar and what you represent. You want to represent something you are passionate about and that will attract your prospects to your page because of the value you offer on a daily basis.

For example, if you in the health and wellness industry, maybe your Facebook Fan Page is based around you as an authority figure giving value on your page in regards to eating healthy or work out tips.  Maybe you are in the coffee or wine business and your brand is based around you being the expert in the area of wine and coffee. Understand?

Great!  Now once you have that established, you will need figure out a way to increase your engagement on Facebook. Typically only 10-20% of your actual fans are seeing your Facebook Fan Page posts due to the algorithm that Facebook uses called EdgeRank.  In order to increase this number so more fans see your posts you will need to be strategic to increase your engagement on Facebook.

Here are 5 strategies to increase your engagement on Facebook:

  • Many Facebook Fan Page owners love to use quotes.  Now I am not a big fan of quotes in general but I am when I see owners taking the quotes to the next level.  For example:  You post your favorite quote in your status update, post a vivid image with that quote, and then ask for feedback, share or the like.  This will give your fans a call to action to your post and thus will increase your engagement.
  • Embed videos is another great way to increase your engagement on Facebook.  People love to view videos on how to topics, trainings, etc.  Though I want to caution you to not let your videos go over two minutes due to people like me who have very short attention spans.  This will keep your fans engaged more and then also be sure to ask for feedback when embedding the video on your Facebook Fan Page.
  • Ask Questions?  Now when I say questions I mean easy to answer questions.  We are bombarded everyday with a ton of information in our news feeds so keep your questions simple and easy to answer to get your fans engaged in your content. For example, fill in the blank, agree or disagree, trivia questions all work well.
  • If you really want to increase your engagement on Facebook consider pictures.  Pictures are one of my favorite types of posts that I like to use to increase engagement and according to my insights on my page these types of posts are the ones that go most viral and have the most comment, likes, and shares.  Consider when posting a status update adding a picture that is congruent to your post.
  • Another easy way to get your Facebook fans engaged is to post free resources on your page.  People love free resources and as always be sure to ask for their comments, shares, and likes.

Always check your insights on your Facebook Fan Page to see what posts are creating the most engagement and continue doing more of those type of posts.  Bottom line is you want to continually be looking for ways to increase your engagement on Facebook.  Without fans your page will sizzle out so it’s important to find those super fans who will keep coming back each day because you have obtained a high EdgeRank with those fans.

One more thing I probably should mention is to always visit your Facebook Fan Page several times a day and respond, communicate, ask questions and follow with all your fans comments.

Do you have an additional strategies that have been working for you to increase your engagement on Facebook, if so please share below, thanks!


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