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How to Create a Custom Facebook Tab For Free

I get emails daily asking me, “Michelle, how do I  create a custom Facebook tab and better yet is there a free program?”  Okay maybe not so much the free program part but I get it people are on a budget, so I thought I would add that part in.

If you want to stand out and be a powerhouse on Facebook you must step up your game and utilize the space called the application tabs on Facebook.  I always suggest that you consider doing a welcome tab, put your offers on those tabs, maybe create a sweepstakes or contest, etc.  Your goal is to build your subscriber list with these tabs.

In the below video I show you a FREE software program that can create a custom Facebook tab on your page as you will see my example.  I also go through the steps on how to create a custom Facebook tab and let me just say it’s simple & easy.

If you decide you want to make one for yourself, which I highly recommend, please visit the following link ==> Create a Custom Facebook Tab 


Create a Custom Facebook Tab in 5 Minutes or Less

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