How To Grow Your Email List on Facebook

Facebook is a hot marketing method but many marketers are leaving money on the table by not actually growing their email list on Facebook. When you choose a marketing method, whether it be Facebook, YouTube, Ad Words, etc., you need to not just focus on the sale but also on building a massive list. Facebook is a great place to do that and today I am going to show you how to grow your email list on Facebook in 2 simple steps.

1. An Offer – You need to have an offer set up in order to capture your audience’s email. I use Lead Pages to create our offers, because of their wide variety of templates and the interface is user friendly.

The process should look similar to the capture page below, I have running right now on Facebook.  Notice I have an irresistible headline and an option to opt in to get my FREE offer.  Once someone opts in to my page, I will get notification from my autoresponder that a lead has opted in and that’s the goal.

Anyone can create a FREE offer in the form of a simple PDF report, video report, ebook, webinar, etc…  Doesn’t need to be anything fancy unless you are an expert at being fancy, it just needs to have value to it.



This report, on the other side of this capture page, took me about an hour to put together and it is generating us over 100 leads a day via Facebook Advertising.   Here’s the full page for more details, Click HERE

2. Promote Your Offer – Now it’s time to take your offer you created and get it in front of your target audience. In the capture page example above, it would make sense for me to target an audience that would be interested in using Facebook to build their business.  Initially you would want to post this on your Facebook Fan Page but most likely, unless you have a highly engaged audience, you probably won’t get much reach to your fans.

Therefore, your next best step would be to create a Facebook Ad and drive traffic to your FREE offer by targeting a specific audience that you know would be interested in your offer.

There are several types of ads I recommend.  One is a page post engagement ad, where you create a status update on your Facebook Fan Page, then in your ad manager you create a page post engagement ad promoting your status update.  Again…..choose your target audience that would be most likely to opt in to your offer.  This is usually the area that will make or break a good ad.

The second type of ad you could create is a clicks to website Facebook ad.  In your ad manager you would choose the clicks to website option and insert the URL of your capture page you want to promote.  Again….you would need to choose your target audience in this type of ad also.

These two types of ads are the most profitable for promoting your offers, but there are many free strategies you can use, just understand that your conversions will be a lot lower or quite possibly you will receive no conversions.

The days of free strategies are pretty much gone on Facebook as now it’s more about are you willing to pay to play.

You see growing your email list on Facebook is quite simple when you understand the steps. Remember, it’s not just about pitching your products on Facebook to the entire world hoping someone will bite.  It’s about cultivating and building relationships with your audience.  Once they start to get to know you, like you and trust you, they will buy from you.

Always lead with value first, get your audience on your list, then start the process of selling your product and/or opportunity.

On a side note there are some tools that a beginner reading this post will need.

1. Auto responder – I recommend Aweber

2. Capture Pages – I recommend Lead Pages

3. Facebook Fan Page – This is so you can run News Feed Ads

4. Course – If you are getting bogged down on Facebook Ads, I recommend our latest Facebook Course, Click HERE

I hope this helps you when it comes to discovering how to grow your email list on Facebook, be sure to share and leave your comments below.


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