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How Can You Start Generating Leads on Facebook

I get this question quite often, “Michelle, how can I start generating leads on Facebook for my business?”  There are several ways to skin a cat, but what it boils down to is consistency and value.  You have to lead with value and always remember it takes time to build a relationship of trust from someone you have just met.

The #1 mistake I see marketers make when generating leads on Facebook unsuccessfully is they are spamming their links everywhere.  It’s like the wild wild west on Facebook when I open up my news feed.  I can’t even find my friends in that mess. I get emails everyday with a pitch on how their XYZ is the next billion dollar business that is going to take over the world!

I’ll say this again as I have in many other posts, people don’t care about your product, your next big thing, your amazing compensation plan, your cheap cell phone plan, your stellar magic pill, your fancy travel business, your cheap energy, or your yummy shakes.  People join you because they “like” you and that you can offer them something of value, leadership!

So, put on your “leadership” ballcap and if you aren’t there yet, get the training you need to get there and in the meantime leverage your sponsor.

Be the person, who cares about this industry and the people involved in it. This industry has a bad enough name as it is because of all the greed.  Lead with your heart and not your wallet.  If you truly care about helping others achieve success you will reap the rewards a million times more than the person who doesn’t.

There are many FREE strategies to generating leads on Facebook and if you want to learn more click here to view my other posts on how to do so.

In the meantime check out my video below on how to effectively start generating leads on Facebook using Facebook groups.

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